10 Projects Your Dog Can Complete Over the Summer Holidays

10 Projects Your Dog Can Complete Over the Summer Holidays

Everyone discusses what their kids are doing over the summer, fully neglecting the dog. Sure, you walk him, but are you stimulating his mind? If you really want to do more for your fur baby, here are some summer fun ideas that the dog can work on that will have him ready for the school year and exhausted by the end of each day.

  1. Digging holes in the backyard for planting or for a moat to keep the neighbour’s children away. You decide.
  2. Learn to sleep-in. Morning walks are so overrated.
  3. Better yet, let your dog learn how to walk himself.
  4. Fertilizing everywhere to keep the neighbour’s children away.
  5. Learn a New Trick–fetching beer is a good one.
  6. Add a doggie backpack and sign him up for Uber Eats so he can earn his keep.
  7. Collecting sticks for creating a fort to keep the neighbour’s children away.
  8. Teach him to perform wake up calls with his squeaky toy in anticipation of the school year beginning so you don’t have to wake up the kids yourself.
  9. Water the garden so you don’t have to.
  10. Learn all Lassie’s lines and perform them for the neighbour’s children to not look like a total tool.

That should keep him busy for the summer and give you some much-needed R&R. You deserve it. Now, where is that dog? I could use a beer.


  1. This is excellent advice for an intelligent dog, and I’m sure Scooby is intelligent. After all the one problem with smart dogs is that if you don’t give them something to do they’ll find something to do on their own.
    Christopher recently posted…Enlightened.My Profile

  2. I remember a beer commercial (don’t remember the beer so the ad was kind of useless) some years ago where the guy’s dog went to the fridge, opened it and grabbed a beer and brought it to his owner. The actual owner probably got a boatload of money, and the dog probably got a biscuit. Wonder if it would work with wine…..

  3. All excellent suggestions! I think the dog Barbara was referring to was Alex from Stroh’s. They had a whole series of commercials. Not sure if you got these in Canada in the 80’s. Here is one of them…

    Arionis recently posted…642 Things To Write About – 5/642My Profile

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