#100HappyDays or #100CrappiestThings – 1st instalment

#100HappyDays or #100CrappiestThings - 1st instalment

Mister wanted me to start doing the 100 happy days challenge. But since I am a libra, I require balance. Therefore, I will tell you my hundred happy days as well as my 100 shittiest things each day. Seems a fair compromise. Here is the first week’s submissions. See the balance. Ah, I do feel happier.


I am sitting on a toilet in a dumpster. I am a class act!

Day 1. I am happy construction started on our basement.

Day 1. I am miserable because I can’t get sleep with the train (Mister) sleeping beside me.

Day 2. I got to workout with my friends.

Day 2. I slept on the couch but the train got to sleep in the bed (this is already trending) #trainsleepinginmybed

Day 3. Lunch and a walk with Mister.

Day 3. 2 hours of gardening at the school and it didn’t seem to make a damn bit of difference.

Day 4. Got to spend several hours working on my blog.

Day 4. There was no chocolate in the house! Seriously had to pull out the chocolate chips.

Day 5. Last day of gardening duty at the school and we got to bike there as a family.

Day 5. The family helped me (and by that I mean complained about helping me) garden at the school.

Day 6. Had some family over for dinner and Mister cooked (one of my birthday gifts).

Day 6. I missed an appointment for the kids (I never do that!)

Day 7. I had a housekeeper in today and she did all our laundry!

Day 7. She also chats a lot and I got little done.

Day 8. I went to boxing with my personal trainer. I am strong!

Day 8. I couldn’t much move after my personal trainer dealt with me. I am weak!

Day 9. It was my birthday and the kids made me amazing cards and my husband put together a video for me. Lots of love.

Day 9. I was so stressed about packing for the conference I threw up in my mouth a little.

Day 10. My first day at BlissDom. The media training was fabulous but the party was TOO much fun. Me and my gogo boots won the dance off 🙂

Day 10. I missed going to the ‘newcomer’s suite’ because I was in a session.

Day 11. The house was super smelly (even the plumbers had to leave) and I was not there (tee hee). I was sitting in an I Am Writing seminar that was amazing!

Day 11. I was too wound up to sleep so maybe had three hours with my eyes closed.

Day 12. I felt so loved by the other bloggers I met. My micro-sessions, the power hour and the Pitch & Play part of the day were truly amazing!

Day 12. Another dance party but the conference is over so that makes me sad 🙁

Day 13. I was able to catch a 20-minute nap.

Day 13. I needed a 7-hour nap.

Day 14. I had so many supportive twitter comments today and the love continues.

Day 14. B10 got in trouble at school. First time ever and I am really shook about it. #AmINeglectingMySon

Happy Tuesday all! What made you happy today?


  1. I spent all Monday sad that Blissdom is over again for another year.

    I hope all is ok with your son. Every time the phone rings during the day I chant my mantra “Please don’t be the school. Please don’t be the school.” Mostly it works. But I hate getting called to the principal’s office.

  2. Glad you had a good conference! I’m happy that I don’t have to come up with 100 things that make me happy. Does that count?

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