The 12 Days Post Christmas – Warning, I Sing!

This post is a Christmas Carol and my first real vlog. Be damned if you are all Ba Humbug about it, because it is a joyous little ditty that made me so happy I wanted to sing. You have been warned!

2014 we saw our fair share of shit. It is worthy of a song. So I give you:

The 12 Days Post Christmas. An ode to a shite year.


On the 12th month, I lost it, this shit is just too much!

Teenager drama,

One broken neck,

One whooping cough,

Three brand new cars,

Two more concussions,

7 new grey hairs,

Two totalled cars,

5 trips to emerg

4 dog ear infections,

Three insurance nightmares,

Two broken ankles and,

A mum on the brink of despair.


Have a fabulous year. Only 353 days to Christmas. You. Are. Welcome.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the 12-million sewer flies. Good times.


  1. Are you kidding me? 7 new grey hairs?! Not to mention all the broken bones and cars and shit. Perhaps you should buy cars in lots – get a bulk discount maybe? Love the song by the way – you have big blogging balls. big ones.

  2. I’m not sure how many grey hairs I have actually. The highlights/color/etc usually keep them well hidden but I do notice I’ve got a wiry one that sprouted close to my face. They don’t give you any warning either. Nice little post Christmas song. I’m pretty sure no one can top your 2014.

  3. Please can you vlog every day??!! I LOVE that ditty. Bloody genius!!!! x

  4. It’s official. I love you! You’re a natch on the old video there and p.s. what a shitty set of things – that’s mental.

    BTW my husband is now singing the 12 days of Christmas. Thanks a bunch.

    #TheList xxx

  5. i happen to think you have a lovely singing voice but I don’t envy all the broken bones and trips to a and e though 🙁 that’s a really original way of summing up the previous year!

  6. I’d just like to say that aside from the massively shitty year you’ve had, I think your voice is rather lush. Get on x factor, get Simon Cowell on board and you’ll be loaded! Then you could afford to hire your own personal doctor to live in your house and tend to all the broken bodies that are lying around! 2015 Is your year to become a singing sensation! X

  7. How could you forget the sewer flies! Inspired genius! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

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