5 Reasons Why Christmas Decorations Should Remain Up All Year ‘Round

5 Reasons Why Christmas Decorations Should Remain Up All Year 'Round
I am giving back to the community - all year long!

I am giving back to the community – all year long!

I am a firm believer that when you can be lazy, you should. Is that wrong? So I have justified laid out my thoughtful argument on why we should all leave our Christmas decorations up all year ’round. I think you will see the genius in my ways.

  1. Just plain convenient. All that ladder climbing and yelling at each other is overrated.
  2. Decorative doesn’t stop in December. Festive is all year. Valentine’s, Easter, Independence Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving… Why should beautiful be just for Christmas. Do you think the rest of the year is substandard?
  3. Cold. Putting up the lights in the cold is just ridiculous. So why do it?
  4. Everyone is all judgemental about being Christmasy after Christmas. That is just religiousist! Who says the lights are for Christmas? I can make up a religious holiday each time someone comes to the door that could be a light-up occasion. Judge me not! I am celebrating All Swine Day as a tear rolls down my face. That is the day I celebrate the religion of salty pork.
  5. Thoughtfulness. What if a neighbour or even passerby had a rough Christmas and didn’t feel like celebrating in December. They see our lights on in May at 6pm and they think ‘I think I can move on now from my tragedy. This thoughtful neighbour with their lights on knew I needed the reminder that life goes on. Thank you thoughtful neighbour.’

See? There is no reason to climb that ladder in January, February, March or April. The neighbour who needs you will let you know when your good deed is done. If you don’t hear from them, it means they are still needed. Forge on my friends. Forge on.


  1. I chuckled at the picture for this post – I had a similar arrangement by my mailbox and I just chucked it out last weekend.
    Vanessa D. recently posted…Pop Bottle ClochesMy Profile

  2. Last year, our neighbor across the street left their pumpkin on their porch for months and months after Halloween/Thanksgiving. I wondered what was up with that and thought it had to be a fake pumpkin. Twas the real thing and turns out they were letting it break down naturally and then they moved it to the flower bed where it planted itself and made for a decorative plant. So they had a perfectly good explanation. Just like yours… 🙂
    kdcol recently posted…When Plan A becomes Plan BMy Profile

    • Brilliant! I will take that one on. I usually let the squirrels peck at the pumpkin until I finally delegate the disposal to one of the slaves kids just before the Christmas arrangement takes over. Now I know I am doing too much.

  3. I like your thinking, though I’d go one step further toward laziness and not decorate at all. Talk about easy!

  4. Oooorrrr, you can just not decorate at all! That’s the way I do most holidays – none of the initial work, none of the cleanup. Especially handy on Halloween, when I turn off the porch light and hide in my bedroom watching TV with the blackout curtains drawn. Don’t bother ringing the doorbell, kiddies. No one is home!
    Jana recently posted…MothpocolypseMy Profile

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