An Echo Please… An Echo?

An Echo Please... An Echo?

As we have been on self-isolation for the last two weeks, I have had the opportunity to catch up on my reality TV. I’ve also read books, played games with the family, watched my way through Netflix, and walked the dog. I will do a book report next week, but first I have a very real need to get something off my chest.

“I need an echo!”

She needs an echo?

Yes. I have been particularly glued to the series, The Curse of Oak Island. For those of you who don’t know it, it is a treasure hunting show on the History channel (I know… History channel?! Who am I?) They are literally digging for buried treasure on an island in Nova Scotia called–wait for it–Oak Island.

Templars. Flood tunnels. Booby Traps. Oh my.

With episode titles like Bromancing the Stones, Things That Go Bump, and Surely Templar, the writing on this show is what keeps me coming back. It isn’t the number of spikes they find or the wood they unearth for sure. Writing on a reality show? Surely you jest?

No. There is writing and it is top-pocket-find awesome (If you are a Gary fan, you get me here). I tried to analyze why I love the show and this was what I discovered when I dug down deep.

“I love the echo.”

She loves the echo?

Yes, I love that whenever something amazing happens, an omnipotent announcer comes on and talks about the mystery they have uncovered. He starts every statement by repeating something we just heard but in the interrogative form and I laugh every time. Let me illustrate.

“I just found an extra hand sanitizer in my spring coat!”

She just found an extra hand sanitizer? Could this lead to more being found in other outerwear? What will she find next? $20? A lip balm from 1997?

Right?! Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a narrator for our life’s little victories making everything sound that much more important?

“I’m so happy to be clearing out our freezer.”

Clearing out her freezer? Can a delicious treasure be lying under those bean and cheese burritos?

“I’m out of underwear. I should probably do laundry.”

She’s out of underwear? Could this be the laundry breakthrough the family has been waiting for? 

“Try and tell me that it doesn’t sound like my days in isolation are better with an echo?”

An echo–in isolation? Could this be the secret to getting through these dark days?


Maybe. Just maybe. Or watch this series if you can get it… you can thank me in two weeks. Stay healthy!


Are you healthy and safe? Are you isolating? How are you getting through COVID 19? What would your echo sound like?

Healthy and safe? Isolating? Echo? Could this be the curse talking or is there a hidden message that only you can help find?

Next week (pause) on Adulting In Progress… Kristine uncovers the secrets of three books. One she treasured. One that had her wondering “why the hype.” And one she wishes she had never found.


  1. Jennifer Race : March 27, 2020 at 9:51 am

    Thx for the smile today! Love how the Laguina boys are being groomed to take over their elders legacy (cuz this is gonna take decades!). I’m wondering if Billy the back-hoe guy is going to get to a point when he can no longer climb in the machinery (he’s getting bigger every week). And I hold out for that next “Bobby Dazzler” – my fam is hooked;)

  2. I’m bitching at my husband for something standard. “She’s bitching again! Will it never stop?!? What will she be bitching about after another week of self (I wish) isolation?”

    It may not be show worthy, but I can hear the echo in my own mind. Bad me.

    Stay healthy everybody!

    • “She’s bitching again? Will he listen this time and discover the depths of her frustration? Isolation is frustrating! I wonder what the statistics on divorce, post-COVID, will be. Also the birth rate in December is going to be interesting. As long as we survive, we will be stronger. <3

  3. Gary completely won me over with “You never ever know what’s gonna come out your next ‘ole.” Forget the echo. Well, the echo is pretty fun, but I’m going to spend at least the next week trying to find something in my life I can call “a bobby-dazzler”.
    It’s not going to be easy in isolation but somehow I’ll manage.
    Christopher recently posted…Splendid Isolation.My Profile

  4. We are so similar it’s eerie. I mean, I don’t fancy reality TV, consider sleep a nuisance to get out of the way daily, love to clean, and have never personally had to go to the hospital, but besides that we’re a lot alike.

    A lot alike? What does Tom mean by a lot alike?

    We both prefer dogs to cats. At least, that’s what you said over there on Ari’s wall in response to his Sunshine article, which is where I clicked in to see what adulting is all about. Oh, we’re also both adults and love Ari and Chris. And, presumably, we both have, like, hearts and brains and things.

    Hearts and brains and things? What is Tom rambling on about now?

    Nothing. That’s what Tom does. He rambles on about nothing. Regularly.

    But to answer your questions: I am healthy and safe. I am not in isolation; I am essential. The missus and I are getting through COVID 19 with humor and beer. My echo would say the word “Tom” a lot.

    Say the word “Tom” a lot?

    You bet your ass.

    Nice to find ya, Kristine. Stay healthy and safe. 🍻

    • So much in common! You are right. Thanks for being essential and continuing your work. Although you didn’t mention your job, I’m going to assume that is online porn work because some would consider that essential. Maybe you’re a nurse, doctor, or deli counter attendant, but until you tell me otherwise, I’m totally thinking porn. Thanks for hanging out here.

  5. My husband is also fixated on this show–but his take on it is nowhere near as funny as yours!

  6. The wife and I both have suppressed immune systems so we were self isolating before it became mandatory here. I have been working from home for over a year anyway so it wasn’t that much different. It is now that we are sharing work space.

    They are sharing work space? Is the an indicator of death knocking on the door, not from COVID-19, but from co-intermingled strangling?
    Arionis recently posted…High On LifeMy Profile

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