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ghost owners past mum revised
EG, Reflections

The Ghost of Owners Past

We moved into our new house and felt at home. Well, most of us did. We thought the problem was Scooby. He was anxious and aloof, almost nervous. He began...

April 14, 2016
cake walk mum revised
Shit that happens

Cake Walk is No Cake Walk

It is spring and spring reminds me of birds, bike rides, tulips and cake. To explain, I will have to take you way back. Six years ago to be precise....

April 11, 2016
make a meal mum revised
EG, Lists

I Will Not Make a Meal For You

I don’t know if it is the same everywhere, but where I live, I am often asked to make a meal for someone in need. I am not talking about...

April 05, 2016