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The Sound of Black
EG, Shit that happens

The Sound of Black

I participated in the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge. Sixty groups of 35 writers participated and we were all given 48 hours to complete each assignment. Then you wait 7...

November 02, 2016
The Crown is Mine!
Shit that happens

The Crown is Mine!

I went to a Netflix event the other day. They fed me, plied me with cocktails, turned on the big screen, and they didn’t even ask for a goodnight ‘cuddle.’...

October 28, 2016
If Trump Were a Girl

If Trump Were a Girl

I hope you enjoy this special edition of Beyoncé’s “If I Were a Boy.” Sorry Queen B, I may have butchered it and I hope you are not a Drumpf...

October 14, 2016