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A Birth Announcement - Twins!
EG, With Love

A Birth Announcement – Twins!

Dearest Friends, It is with great pride that I present the newest members of the Mum Revised family. Our BlendTec and the baby of the house, our VitaMix. We have...

September 23, 2016
MumRevised Found Alive!
Shit that happens

MumRevised Found Alive!

I am not dead, contrary to popular opinion. I have just been enjoying spending time with my kids this summer (translation: being lazy). I have been basking in my new...

September 20, 2016
A Comedian Unleashed
Shit that happens

A Comedian Unleashed

I did it. I crossed stand-up comedy off my bucket list! My new funny friends and I performed our first 5 minute set to a sold out audience at the...

August 04, 2016