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FFO (Friday F-Off)

FFO It is Tough Being Frisky

MY FRIDAY F-OFF Some Fridays I will take time to tell you about something pissing me off. Therapy for me. Mild amusement at my expense for you. Win-Win. From my...

April 18, 2014
Snow Sucks!
Shit that happens

Snow Sucks!

April 15, Toronto, Ontario. 26 days after the first day of spring and THIS! I give myself full license to complain about the cold because I never complain about the...

April 15, 2014
dance mum revised

I AM That Woman

I am not a Dance Mum I’m not a Dance Mum Not a Dance Mum A Dance Mum I never thought I would be ready to admit it, but I...

April 13, 2014