Awarded an Award to Award My Readers with More Me

Awarded an Award to Award My Readers with More Me

It’s a Liebster Award which is, essentially, chainmail for bloggers so I don’t participate in questions 3-5 (but you know who you are if I was going to nominate someone). I will, though, take this time to answer Arionis from Just A Small Cog’s questions. You should really check him out. He likes hiking, but that might be his only fatal flaw. He’s funny, nice, and writes good. Go check him out after you finish here.

My job in receiving this award…

1. Acknowledge the blog which nominated you. (check)
2. Answer the questions your nominator asked. (check)
3. Nominate two to six other bloggers who might appreciate the boost.
4. Ask them several unique questions.
5. Let them know you have nominated them.

1. If you had no significant other and you had to date a cartoon character, who would it be and why?

100% Donald Duck. Spending your days wearing no pants takes some crazy confidence and I like that in a partner. Plus, check out this jaunty walk and his stack of bills (see what I did there?). Gotta love that.

2. Would you rather live in the mountains, by the ocean, or neither?

Ocean. You are more likely to see a guy wearing no pants by the ocean than finding a mountain man letting it all hang out. There are dolphins, sea turtles, whales, and people. Mountains have mountain lions, goats, trees, and snakes. No contest. Plus, funny stuff happens near the ocean. Falling off a mountain isn’t funny.

3. If Marty McFly and Doc Brown showed up in a time traveling Delorean and exclaimed that you HAD to go back and fix that! What would you think they were talking about? (I mean in your personal life. No killing Hitler, or bankrupting 1980’s Trump.)

It involved a guy wearing no pants but that is all I’ll say.

4. What movie(s) when you are flipping through the TV channels and come across, do you have to immediately stop and watch no matter how many times you have seen them?

Easy one… but there are three and I’m pretty sure everyone is wearing pants in all of them.


Princess Bride

Paul Blart, Mall Cop

5. What is your favorite curse word(s)?

Fuck. Is there any other? It’s a curse word, a hand gesture, and a verb wearing no pants. That a trifactor ladies and gentlemen. Plus, as if we need more, it conveys a vast array of emotions. Case closed.

Remember at the beginning I told you to check out a blog friend of mine. I know you forgot because I would have, so here is a reminder to go to Arionis from Just A Small Cog. He’ll be happy you paid him a visit.

If you want to answer the questions (or even just one of them) in the comments, that would be fun 🙂

(All GIFs were via Photo by Ariel Besagar on Unsplash)


  1. Scrooge McDuck. Same reasons as Donald but lots more money. And spats!

    Congratulations on the award! Can never have too much of your writing.

  2. It’s both impolite and tangential, but you’ve probably heard the joke about Mickey going to get a divorce from Minnie. The lawyer says, “Mr. Mouse, I don’t think you should divorce your wife because she’s crazy.”
    Mickey replies, “I didn’t say she’s crazy. I said she’s fucking Goofy!”
    So, yeah, Donald is a good choice, and one of these days his rich uncle is gonna die.
    And while I don’t know what I would get Mister for Christmas at least I know what I wouldn’t get him: pants.

  3. Wow! Thanks for talking me up. The check (or should I say cheque?) is in the mail. Let me respond to your answers:

    1. Donald Duck and his no pants dance. Gotcha. Where do you stand on Ziggy?

    2. You make some compelling arguments for the ocean but I’ve lived 32 years of my life by one ocean or another and I’m tired of it. So I’m going to say you, have chosen, poorly. All the creatures in the mountains don’t have pants either, and falling down a mountain can be hilarious as long as you don’t break your funny bone. 🙂

    3. I’m beginning to sense a theme here.

    4. Dodgeball – YES! Princess Bride – OF COURSE! Paul Blart Mall Cop – really?

    5. Fuck is a really good fucking answer as it encompasses a whole lot of speech parts and an outstanding everyday go to curse word. However, my favorite just edges it out and I only use it on special occasions. You probably already know it is Jizz Waffle.
    Arionis recently posted…I Won A Major Award!My Profile

    • 1. Ziggy… little too human wearing pants and I’m pretty sure he’d be arrested every time we went out.
      2. Agree to disagree. I like climbing mountains (small tourist-sized ones), and find the brambles aren’t as good for my hair as the salty sea.
      3. I like themes.
      4. Give Paul another try… If you appreciate Dodgeball, approach it the same way and report back. You will understand.
      5. Jizz Waffle was my second choice. But so many people don’t know what Jizz is… children under 5 and people hard of hearing, that it makes getting my point across that much more difficult. The number of times I’ve had to describe the ingredients in the “Juice Waffle” is enough to make it my #2 go-to. But you do you, Arionis. Your circles must be much more refined.

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