The Battle of the Brows Winner Announced!

The Battle of the Brows Winner Announced!

You know those random hairs that grow an inch overnight? If you are under 30, stick with me, it happens.

Mister and I sprouted one of those Wolfies in our eyebrows each on the same day. We have been Movember-ing that baby for a month in competition to see who can grow theirs the longest. And the winner is:

battle brows

In the illustrious words of Miss Piggy: MOI!

Seems I grow a better Wolfie. Why do I call it Wolfie you ask? Funny story…

In grade 12 chemistry I was lab partner with a good friend of mine. Let’s call him CP for no real reason. CP sat down at his usual seat to my right and jumped back.

CP: What’s that?

Me: What are you talking about? (I was jumping because I knew he was talking about a giant poisonous something that we were going to have to extract the venom from in chemistry to produce an antidote. I was also aware he seemed to be pointing at me so was sure it was on my shirt. Thus the jumping. I was just being prudent.)

CP: That hair on your lip?

Me: What hair? I have a hair on my lip?(I began wiping my lip to dislodge said hair with no luck).

CP: It’s attached!

Me: Get it!

CP: No, you get it!

Me: Let’s be real CP. I can’t see the hair, you can. Get the fucking hair out now!

As a good friend, he pulled out the hair with his eyes shut and showed it to me like a trophy. It was long and black and hadn’t been there that morning.

Me: Holy Shit! That is a big hair. Where did it come from?

CP: I don’t know? You tell me. Maybe you are turning into a werewolf or something?

Thus the origins of the name Wolfie.

Just to sum up: I won the Wolfie competition. I am not a werewolf yet, but I am getting close.


  1. Wolfie is probably the best name I’ve ever heard for those random long eye-brow hairs. And what’s with the girth on those puppies? It’s like a tree trunk sprouting from a field of grass.

  2. They do appear out of nowhere and seemingly overnight. My chin – well, let’s just say I’m starting to look like one of those evil old witches from fairytales.

  3. I have two wolfies that spontaneously appear. One on my chin and I have one that comes out of my neck. And then I’m all annoyed at my husband for not pointing out I have a long hair coming out of my chin/neck! How long as it been there?? Glad someone finally gave these things a name! 🙂

  4. I’m sporting a cheel “wolfie” and my husband has a whole bunch of the in his nose. And yet we are still married…must be true love

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