Busking For Our Babies

Busking For Our Babies

I had the insane idea of being a street performer/busker for a day. I wanted to see what it was like from the other side of the guitar box. But here’s the problem, my talents are limited and do not include music which translates well to the street. Was that going to stop me? Hell no.

With some brave friends and some talented assistants, we spent four hours on the streets of Toronto collecting money for Sick Kids Hospital. We had the advantage of having a charitable cause to give to, which made it easier for people to accept that our talents were imperfect and probably just donated to have us stop (or because we put in an effort). I have no idea how anyone makes a living performing in the street. It was exhausting! After only four hours, we had to pack it in. A combination of heat, standing/dancing on concrete all day, and a growing apathy had us walking really slow to our car for refuge.

We raised over $400 in the street. Not bad. But we could have done better if we’d just had a bit more gas in the tank. The good news is that donations are accepted online. Amazing right?! If you like the video and have Sick Kids in your giving plan, please consider helping us. I’d love to get us over my original goal of $1000.




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  1. That’s awesome! Great work for a good cause. I would have had to have several cold beers BEFORE I put myself out there like that. However, that probably would have resulted in less donations and more citations.
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  2. Congratulations for sticking it out as long as you did in the heat! Fortunately, you don’t live in South Florida – I wouldn’t have made it one hour! A totally worthy cause! Good on all of you!

  3. I love that whilst your step dad is tickling the ivories with a classical ditty, you can hear the sound of Ben and I making balloon animals?! You’ve got talent. More heart though and that’s just perfect!

  4. So you do have a real talent for tap-dancing, and Heather shows promise as a mime.
    One of my favorite experiences with a busker was when I passed a young woman in a London Underground station playing a sad melody on a flute. She had only a few small coins on her bag and I dropped a pound because she was really good.
    I got on the train and saw her take the pound and put it in her pocket, and I thought, what a ripoff. She made me feel sorry for her with her paltry earnings and she’s probably made £100 today.”
    Then she switched to a happy tune and I realized she appreciated what I’d done and I felt good for making her happy and terrible for thinking badly of her.
    I told that story to a busker who told me they also have to hide any large money or they’ll get mugged.
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