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once upon an expat mum revised

I am proud to be included with this group of strong, global women. This anthology has forty tales of women navigating their way through living away from home. They pour out their experiences of life abroad to make up the pages of Once Upon An Expat.

All author royalties will be donated to Books Abroad, helping promote literacy and education in developing countries. My story is entitled “A Tip on the Tip.” Order it today!

Once Upon an Expat Canada

Once Upon An Expat Outside Canada

feisty after 45 mum revised

Feisty After 45 features 45 midlife authors from across the country and Canada, and topics include humor, inspiration, travel, and caregiving. Although, I would hate to admit I am midlife, I am proud to be part of this book. Available at Amazon.

Feisty After 45: The Best Blogs of Mid-life Women

Feisty After 45 – Outside Canada


This story collection consists of thirty-seven tales of motherhood, each accompanied by an easy-to-make martini. Martinis & Motherhood Tales of Wonder, Woe & WTF?! is a thoughtful and funny book filled with the kinds of tales that we like to share on a Mom’s Night Out (or in). They will make you laugh, cry, and realize that you’re in good company. My story is entitled “The Look, The Face, and The Mile High Club.” Order it today!

Wonder, Woe & WTF Canada

Tales of Wonder, Woe & WTF?! Outside Canada


Coming Soon…girlspire anthology mum revised

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