Colour Me Rose Gold

Colour Me Rose Gold

People all over the world spend an exorbitant amount of money to look good and feel good about themselves. Pedicures, manicures, facials, makeup, clothing, botox, and the topic of today… hair. The hair industry is $85 billion dollars a year and steadily growing at more than 2% which is greater than the population growth of approximately 1% per year. (That was your learning something new for today. Have a rest, on me.)

I like a good mani/pedi or to treat myself to nice clothes but I have to remind myself to get my hair done. Some women I know get their hair styled more than once every 18 months. I know, that’s incredible resolve. (Our dog goes every 5 weeks as an aside). Last time I went, I asked for, “the same as you did last time.” They told me the last time was three years ago. Ouch.

This week was the exception. I have been eyeing up the colours people put in their hair and think, “I could pull that off.” So I added it to my life list, did some research, and spent 5.5 hours with a hair artist, Kazuma from Good Day Hairshop, who developed a custom colour that won’t fade to silver and make me feel and look old.


Hair is such a statement of how you feel. I normally feel… pony-taily and don’t give my hair any thought or even show it a brush. Over this past week, I feel fun, happy, and less pony-taily and more, ‘let my freak flag fly’. Beware world, my rosy gold inner girl is on the loose and she’s pretty badass.

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Sorry… I didn’t get to tell you about those bruises I mentioned earlier. Still waiting on the results of the X-ray before I update you. I might be too old for some of my own antics 🙂


  1. You are my badass girl. Beautiful as always.

  2. It looked really pretty! I was afraid that it was a little purpley going on, but it turned out a nice blonde! I noticed none of your friends tried this experiment with you this time. I guess there’s a line that can’t be crossed, huh.

  3. It’s a good color. I mean colour. We Americans use a dictionary created by a guy named Webster who couldn’t speull, but that’s another story.
    Spending more than five hours in the chair you must really get to know your stylist. It’s lucky he’s such a dedicated artist.
    Christopher recently posted…All You Need Is Looking.My Profile

    • I didn’t get to know him very well… language barrier was as issue. If he is getting his English at the Salon it was all gangster rap playing and I worry he will take that to the streets and be shot. But that is for anouther day. I did watch an amazing Netflix documentary on Russian athletic drugging while I was being colourised. Icarus–add to your must-see list.

  4. Ah,same. I never forget to go for a madi/pedi, but my hair is always neglected.

  5. That looks killer! How long will it last? Whenever I get tired of the way my hair looks I just shave it off. I’m guessing you won’t put that on your 50 to 50 list. 🙂
    Arionis recently posted…The One With The ListMy Profile

    • I am NOT shaving my hair, but thanks for the reco.
      It will last 6-8 months as long as I use my tinted conditioner when I wash my hair (It really is about the bleaching stage which was the first three hours!). I know… high maintenance. But once in every woman’s life, she deserves to be high maintenance.

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