There are Days…

There are days when I choose to wear workout gear because I don’t want to wear a bra (and still want to be held in) but I don’t want to work out either. There are days when I catch up on tv because there is chocolate in the cupboard that needs to be eaten.

There are days when the dog is ignored and so is the to do list. There are days when the laundry has to do itself or the laundry fairy needs to pay a visit. There are days that I wonder what it would have been like to have stayed working in an office. There are days that I run when the garbage truck comes by to get it to the curb. There are days…


There are the days that the to do list gets done and I add some more to it. There are days that I spend the afternoon with a friend cooking, having coffee, doing something fun (ok, that means a glass of wine is possibly involved).

There are days that I put on makeup and a great outfit to run my errands after I workout and shower. There are days I treat myself to a pedicure because I have the time. There are days that the laundry and dishes and dinner all get done without stress. There are days that the dog and I get a nice long walk.

There are days that I make a puzzle with my girl and play lego with my boy and spend some quality time with Mister.

As a libra, I like how balanced that sounds reading back. Maybe it is not efficient, maybe it is not even smart use of time, but I like those days that are occasionally unproductive but I equally like those days that I have so many check marks on that list that I feel accomplished and fall into bed with a sense of self worth.

What will tomorrow be? I don’t know… This was a long post so maybe I deserve a day off.

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