Can you give me directions to Milan?

Can you give me directions to Milan?

I have told you before that we have, what we like to call, Laco Luck. Good shit just happens to us.

Case in point:

Walking the dog yesterday and a really nice smelling older gentleman stopped and asked us for directions from his rental car. We gave him directions and then he wanted to talk:

Man: I’m from Milano (can you say it in your head with an Italian accent though? It makes it more authentic. Thanks).

Mister: My firm has an office there. We love Italy.

Me: We spent over a month there last summer.

We proceeded to talk about what we did… blah, blah. Then Milan handed us his business card.

Me: You are in the fashion industry?

Milan: Yes. You like-a fashion?

He had to ask because I was looking rather dishevelled in my Lulu’s after spending the day emptying the basement in time for the contractors. I had found a dead mouse that morning and was currently holding the dog’s daily gift.

Me: I know you can’t tell, but we do like to be fashionable. (I coughed a little when I said it and pretty sure a unicorn died. Or, was it an angel?).


My free haul. Just two in my size-a.

Milan: What size-a you? A medium?

Me: Of course. (shit, there goes another unicorn)

Milan: Whudabout you? Do you wear-a suits to work?

Mister: Always.

Milan: You know I have several sample-a suits in your size in my car and I don’t want to bring them back to Milano tomorrow. If I sell-a you one, I will give-a you the rest.

We invited Milan back to our house. We googled him before we got home and used the word fraud and murder in the search and he came up dry so we let him in the house.

Mister tried on three suits, three overcoats and a sport coat. I tried on a leather jacket and a spring jacket. They all fit 🙂

Milan: Ok, you take-a them all for the price of this-a one.

I went to the bank to get money and came home to Mister sharing a coffee with Milan as they were riffling though our family photo albums drinking espresso (four sugars in Milan’s). We exchanged money, business cards and Milan left for the appointment that we had given him directions to get to. Over $6000 in merchandise just lying on our kitchen counter. All wool, cashmere and leather.

Mister and I just looked at each other and laughed. Only us man, only us.



  1. I want that leather jacket. What a stroke of fortune!

  2. I have to hate you for a little while now.

  3. I need Laco Luck – we have the type of luck where a bee flies into our mouthes and stings our tongues.

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