The End of My Rope has been Found in the Toilet

The End of My Rope has been Found in the Toilet

phone on rice

This is not a real post, this is a dump – that becomes funnier later.

We spent more time in emerg last week. Just when we were on the upswing, a full 18-wheeler barrelled into the back of Mister’s car at about 100km/hr. He suffered another concussion (on top of the one he got from his accident in September). He wants me to assure you, that the accident was not his fault at all. He is in really good spirits for a guy who’s been through so much. I, just might not be.

When is enough enough? I’d say, after my accident in December. Damn, I sang a song about it! That should have finished the madness right there only to begin a new madness. The madness of me singing on the interwebs.

Anyway, I am getting up the courage to write about how I feel. But not yet. Because right now I just feel empty. I don’t feel like doing much of anything and yet I plug along. I am still going to physiotherapy and that is time consuming and challenging. I am still writing for BluntMoms and that has proven to also be challenging. I hadn’t really thought much about writing for others before. This blog, seen by my adoring group of 6 fans (thanks guys!), has been mostly about what I want to write about to date. Nobody has been openly judging me and it has been good. I am hard enough on myself. Now I am being edited and it has taken its toll. I am told I will love being edited, one day.

All of this has led to me posting less here. Lack of time, energy, confidence have pushed me to the end. I have been writing lots – but it sits in my computer ‘not ready for human consumption’. UGH

To top it off, my new iPhone 6 fell into the toilet* Sunday and has been in rice since. That was some splash**.

Pray for my phone us 🙂

* The toilet was clean. 

** In case you missed it, that was the dump reference I alluded to earlier.


  1. I get it. This weird blogging thing we do is just for us – our own little window to…who the fuck knows…but then we try doing it for someone else and it gets all weird. Makes you miss the random “post, don’t post, write whatever the fuck” days. I picked up a couple of advertisers and now I feel like I should be more “professional” – which I sort of resent. I say hang in there with BluntMoms – they wouldn’t have taken you on if they didn’t see the quality in your writing. Lord knows I could use some editing. Love … “1 of 6”

  2. No!! Say it isn’t so! What is it with trucks where you live?? Totally sucks and so sorry to hear you had to do the ER thing again. Seriously, look into that frequent visitor discount. sigh.

    And I don’t have an editor or advertisers (and I don’t see them trying to beat down my door just yet. Ha.), but I do believe my dad just took on some sort of “editor” role. He just got on to me about my A-hole Friday post (see! Now I’m reluctant to type the actual word! What has he done to me?!). I feel like I’m 12 again getting in trouble. And I was just writing what I felt like writing.

  3. Oh are in my thoughts.

    I dropped a phone in the toilet once. It dried out and worked..but the camera only took abstract pictures after the toilet debacle.

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