Friday F-Off: Mirrors


Some Fridays I will take time to tell you about something pissing me off.
Therapy for me. Mild amusement at my expense for you. Win-Win.


Not what you think… although I could be mad at the mirror any given day as well. No, this week I need to say F off to those drivers on Bloor Street who do not know how to parallel park so they take up two spots and are still crooked.

I learned to drive in a small town and truthfully had no need to parallel park and I was bad at it. Now, living in a big city with nothing but parallel parking opportunities, I have learned to be good at it. In fact, I garnered some applause not long ago for getting my truck into a spot that looked like a mini would fit … all in one move (the applause was from a contractor truck so it may have been because I was looking hotter than a cement truck).

The secret is mirrors, not back up cameras and certainly not your friend fanning you on. Mirrors and confidence. So don’t try to get into my spot unless you know you can do it. You are wasting my time and taking my spot if you try. Leave it to the professionals and move on!


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