Finally, I Ride a Bull Named Fu Manchu (I Named Him That)

Finally, I Ride a Bull Named Fu Manchu (I Named Him That)

My theme song dares me by singing, “I went skydiving, I went Rocky Mountain climbing, I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu.” Since I tried indoor skydiving and I am saving the real thing until I turn 60 (head’s up Mister), and I’ve climbed the Rocky Mountains by car and don’t have the desire to conquer it on foot, I had one option left.

This week, we took out the plaid and the boots and headed to the Rock ‘n’ Horse Saloon in Toronto. We began with line dancing then tackled the bull. Technically, we began with beer, but that is not really the point. I also learned a valuable lesson about my husband… namely, he is not averse to slipping the bull operator a $20 bill to make the bucking start sooner. He is smart enough not to do this for my rides because he knows who butters his bread, but our niece didn’t fare as well.

I was originally supposed to do this in February, the week after I learned snowboarding. Learned is a term I use lightly. Rather, the week snowboarding broke my tailbone and made me sit on an invalid donut to remind me that I’m too old to try new things. Seems I didn’t learn that lesson after all.



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  1. Fortunately it looks like the operator isn’t a psycho who thought it would be fun to see all of you flying through the air. Nice soft landings. Still, like roller coasters, my stomach and I have an agreement to not piss each other off. This looks like fun, but something I might regret. Immediately.

  2. Looks a lot softer landing than I thought when you first mentioned it. A lot of fun and I love the outfit.

  3. Hey, you went a LOT longer than 2.7 seconds! You’re ready to head to Houston and ride the bull at Gilley’s Debra Winger!
    Arionis recently posted…These Doctors Are Jamaican Me Crazy!My Profile

    • I’ve been to Houston once. It was a glorious overnight because we missed our connecting flight (no, I was not trying to be fancy, that time). I am going to check Houston off my list and call my mechanical bull the victory here.

  4. The second best part of a mechanical bull is you don’t need a rodeo clown to prevent it from coming after you when you fall off. The best part is the montage of your friends having a go.
    And I loved the big Canadian flag in the background. Hey, y’all have prairies and frontiers too. I’d say Canada’s West is even wilder than the one south of the border.
    Christopher recently posted…Getting Back.My Profile

    • Certainly, Calgarians (those from Calgary) would tell you stories of the wild west as part of Stampede Week. I’ve never been during that week but I’d have to work up my liver to attend and that is not on my bucket list. Other than milking a cow, I don’t need any more buckets on my list.

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