Fly poop. An education.

Conversation I just had with Mister:

Me (K): Do you think flies poop when they fly or land?
Mister (M): When they fly.
K: Why do you say that?
M: Because doing it when you fly is cooler.
K: Do you think flies think it is cooler?
M: Yes
K: If flies eat brown poop, what colour do you think fly poop is?
K: I think it is white like bird poop.
M: You think it has something to do with the flying?
K: No. I think that if they are eating poop then their body is cleaning it and it is coming out white. And, their diet might be similar to birds. Therefore, white poop.

Silence. Then,
M: Why are we talking about this?
K: I just wondered if I should kill a fly if it lands on me so it doesn’t poop or should I leave it and examine it a bit?
M: Are you purposefully trying to annoy me?
K: No, I was just really wondering about fly poop. I think I am going to look it up. Then I can tell the kids the answer so they don’t have to find out when they are 45.
M: You are so giving. (I think he might have been being sarcastic?)
K: That’s right! I am a very giving person.

Btw: Fly poop is in fact white and they poop when they land and sometimes they vomit too. You are welcome!

I found this fabulous proof video on YouTube. Someone captured a fly pooping and put it on YouTube! The internet rocks.

I might not kill flies who land in me after all so that I can watch the vomit poop spectacle on my arm and show off to the kids.

Mosquitos don’t count. Mosquitos must die.


  1. I have these same pondering questions,.usually at 3 am though. Do roosters have penises? They do not. Things we need to know are important, because kids asks weird questions. I will file this fly poop info under “shit” I need to remember..Thanks for asking those hard questions

  2. What on earth could a fly eat that would cause it to puke? Good Lord, I really don’t want to know!!!

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