Food Fight!

Food Fight!

I have watched food fights in movies and thought that looked like good clean fun to me. By clean, I mean nobody gets hurts and everyone has a good time. Realistically though, unless you are ‘in’ on the idea of the fight it would be no fun. You would ruin your clothes and likely your day.

I wanted to have a food fight, but I also wanted everyone to have fun. So, I invited my group including some of their children and children’s friends to a food fight. Everyone had to bring ammo and knew they were going to get messy. We all left with mustard or ketchup in our ears and a smile on our faces. We knew we were going to have to budget time for a shower and a load of laundry afterwards and we were all ready to aim and fire.

Instead of just a random start, we started with a game of battleship. If your team missed, you get dirty. If you hit, the other team has a cup of something disgusting smooshed into their hair. When one team had their battleship sunk, the formalities were over and the fun began.

I recommend you have a food fight some time in your life. Not in the cafeteria line at school or work, but in an open space. We chose a park on a day that was supposed to be stormy all afternoon. No one was going to be going to the park before nature cleaned the scene. We raked up watermelon, tomatoes, and pasta, and left the rest for fertilizer and bird snacks. We were right near a river and fed the fish too. I like to imagine the wildlife having a party after our party left.

Sure, it was wasting food and people are starving after all so I did feel a bit bad. When I got home, I emptied the cupboard to bring unwanted pantry items to the Food Bank before expiration to cleanse my soul before I hit the shower. Also, it cost less per person for an hour or more of entertainment than a bad movie which creates two hours of misery and is truly a waste of all kinds of resources.


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  1. OH! FUN! You have so many like-minded friends who will follow you into all (most) of your adventures! Nobody was worried about their hair or makeup and it looked like a blast! Is sky diving on your 50 list?

    • I do have some crazy friends! Skydiving is only a maybe. I did the indoor skydiving and loved it, but the family put a kybosh on anything potentially dangerous after my ‘break’ snowboarding. Buzz kills.

  2. Food fights are naturally chaotic, aggressive, surprising, potentially even dangerous. You’ve ruined the food fight…and made it so much better!
    Christopher recently posted…When You’ve Gotta Go…My Profile

  3. Totally awesome! I was only ever in one food fight at a summer camp. It was NOT planned and the counselors were NOT amused.
    Arionis recently posted…Good And Bad NewsMy Profile

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