Friday F-Off: Resentment

Friday F-Off: Resentment


Some Fridays I will take time to tell you about something pissing me off.
Therapy for me. Mild amusement at my expense for you. Win-Win.

I harbour resentment. I carry it with me daily and disguise it well. OK, maybe not “disguise”, but I don’t talk about it endlessly as much.

One of my biggies has been recently highlighted as we paid for our daughter’s grad trip. My grade 8 grad trip was not to Toronto like EVERY OTHER PREVIOUS AND SUBSEQUENT YEAR, but to my friend’s camp/cottage/cabin/whatever-you-call-it for the day. They resumed the Toronto trip the following year after they found the error in their ways. It was almost worth failing the grade for.

I also resent that I was always put in the split class in grade school. Just ‘cuz I was an independent learner, doesn’t mean I didn’t want to hang with friends my own age. I was always with the same 6 kids. One of which was my bully. Really?!

Another is that I was part of an advertising course when we lived in Melbourne. I had to ‘audition’ and made it in. There were only 30 people in the course and we rotated in small groups to ad agencies each week to work on a project with a creative director. Fabulous opportunity! They gushed every week over my ideas and execution and kept telling me about my fabulous career. Then, on the day they were going to put their favourite ads from all students on the ‘wall of fame’, I was only up there once. I am still so angry about that.

So today’s FFO is to get y’all to validate how brilliant I once was and to show any ad execs out there what they missed out on. My 26-year-old self was not only smokin’ hot, but also f’n brilliant (and super duper humble). So, tell me I am brilliant please and make me feel all worky again! I need validation because working from home means that my only validation is from the dog. Sometimes that gets tiresome.

ambivalencereptile zoo

There were a lot of others, but these were my favourites. Finally, this is the only ad that my ad coaches thought was worthy of recognition. Boobs, the lot of them.

sheer steel

Let me know if you would have laughed at, bought any of these products based on the ads. That will make me feel worthwhile for sure.

Have a great weekend. You complete me.


  1. Definitely laugh. Probably not bought anything, but that’s just me, I rarely buy anything based on a printed ad. Now give me an infomercial and I’m all over that shit. 🙂

  2. Loved all three of the zoo ads!

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