Getting Inked–No Squids Were Harmed in the Making of This Video

Getting Inked--No Squids Were Harmed in the Making of This Video

This is not the picture of an injury, but rather the picture of a choice… the choice to get my first tattoo! Under that layer of gauzy black is a dragonfly. The left wing is an E, the right a B (for our children’s names), and there is a semi-colon in the middle as a reminder to stay healthy–“The semicolon represents the fact that you have complete power over yourself, and can choose to keep fighting, even if you feel like giving up at times.” from Project Semicolon about mental health awareness. It is a reminder that I am a depression survivor but I always have to be surviving. Not like how I used Survivor the show to help me start a fire without matches, because that was more a fail video.

And, spoiler alert. I got my second tattoo already. I know, I’ve become a cliche with the ‘once you go black, you keep going back.’ That’s the correct saying, right?! The second one was a planned family outing. Sisu is a Finnish word with no direct translation but could mean true grit, determination, and never giving up. That seems to fit with my year and my life and now it is a permanent reminder even when my socks are on. Win/win.



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  1. Welcome to the f$%*ng party lady! Now on to your full body suit and job stoppers!

  2. Katarina Simons : November 5, 2018 at 9:21 am

    They’re both excellent pics! I need to consider mine…

  3. As usual, I envy your nerve for trying something completely different. Couldn’t you talk Mister and the kids into a SISU too? Well, maybe not the kids…… And thank you for putting my mind at ease with the first sentence after seeing the picture!

    • I was thinking specifically of you when I saw the bandage 🙂
      Mister isn’t Finn so the meaning isn’t the same. I did convince Mister to get his first tattoo as well, so he’s joining the party, but with his own creation. The kids were both hard NO’s anyway.

  4. I find that hugely ironic – Mom and Dad whining about wanting to get a tattoo because all their friends are getting them and the kids stating a firm NO!

  5. That’s awesome, Kristine. They look great and I love the design and meaning of both. Never say never, indeed!

  6. Nice Ink! I have one on each arm and one on my calf. They didn’t hurt at all but I’ve heard that getting one on the top of your foot can be more painful. Didn’t seem to bother you though. And you are right, they are addictive. Something about releasing endorphins.

    • The only thing that ‘hurt’ was when she filled in the solid colour on the semicolon. But it wasn’t actual pain it felt more like road rash or an annoying sunburn. I love that it is a permanent reminder of all it stands for. Also, because I want to still look at it, I’m going to yoga more. Win/win.

  7. This is an amazing coincidence: I just read an article about “sisu”. Actually the article was about the Finnish love of a very peculiar salty licorice that, to me, sounds quite tasty, but apparently you have to have some sisu to eat it.
    And you’ve demonstrated sisu again and again.
    Very nice tattoo. They stay with you for life. That’s a feature, not a bug.
    Actually in the case of your first tattoo it’s a feature and a bug.
    Christopher recently posted…Hello Cleveland!My Profile

    • Feature and a bug… I can always count on you to make me laugh, Christopher. Sisu is just something we grew up understanding. In fact, I read and even better description on Instagram (since now Sisu people are following me). It states: Extraordinary determination and courage in the face of adversity; persistence; guts; resolve; and indomitable spirit. It is just all good things. And, look at all those semicolons 🙂

  8. I’m not normally a tattoo fan, but that dragonfly is awesome! I admire your bravery. I’m a ninny, so there’s that. And I think I’m too fickle to love a tattoo–I’d tire of it some day . . .

    • Ninny aside, tattoos are not for everyone. I keep admiring mine though and wonder when they become part of the landscape and I won’t notice them anymore. Right now, I can’t wait to get my shoes off at home.

  9. Lol! Isnt it typically the other way around though. With kids wanting to get a tattoo and mom and dad saying no? Lol…very interesting but humorous!
    Jane epc recently posted…Eating Gapes During PregnancyMy Profile

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