The Ghost of Owners Past

ghost owners past mum revised

We moved into our new house and felt at home. Well, most of us did. We thought the problem was Scooby. He was anxious and aloof, almost nervous. He began chewing his paws until they were sore. He refused to come near me and I was the one feeding and walking him so it made no sense.

The kids were off to school, Mister to work and it was just the two of us; Scooby and I. Make that three. Strange things started happening. At first, it seemed to be ‘new house’ problems that the previous owner hadn’t divulged. There was a leak in the roof, mice in the kitchen and a furnace that stopped operating. We had a similar experience when we had moved into our first house, so this seemed familiar territory for sure.

But the strange morphed into dangerous and expensive. The leak in the roof was not the roof but, in fact, a window. It took 3 months to diagnose. The eavestroughs fell off the house one day as my father was standing under them. Thankfully they were noisy before they fell. The kids were frolicking in the backyard one day playing “you can’t catch me, you idiot” when Shaggy hip-checked the garden door and the glass shatters sliced open his back.

Stitches, disposing of and hanging a new door later, I was in the garden while the kids frolicked again and the dog hid in the furthest recesses of the backyard away from me. I was digging in the garden (more accurately, a weed heap as the previous owners had black thumbs) when a wasp got mad and stung me on the face. I went into the garden shed through the new door and the wasp and his friends played along and came in with me (as did the kids) and one stung me on the face again. I was screaming and flailing slightly alarmed and calmly walked into the house asking the children in my usual quiet voice to follow. Apparently the wasps were my new offspring and followed and stung me on the face for a third time in my own home. I swelled up like an acne sufferer after Halloween.

Mister was is South America that week and I felt wrecked. A glass would fall out of the cupboard every single day, the basement had tiny little annoying flies everywhere, and the last straw was when the locked dishwasher opened behind me and I almost broke my leg falling over it backwards. I would stand in the house that I was so excited about moving into and talk to whoever was the culprit saying things like ‘I have to live here so can’t we just get along?’

I was so distraught I went to the church. I was not catholic at the time (another story) but I went anyway. They had the priest come and bless me to stop my crying (I did that) and he was the priest who dragged around an oxygen tank so it was a big deal. They filled up my water bottle with holy water and gave me instructions on blessing our house/ridding my home of our poltergeist. We stood as a family that Saturday at every door and every window and said the prayer, sprayed it with holy water and the dog was with us the whole time. We even added holy water to his bowl and we all had a sip at the end.

Scooby was back to normal the next morning. He bounded up the stairs with a smile and a wag and he felt better. So did I.

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you talk to dead relatives or is that just me? 


  1. When I was little, too little to remember much, we lived in a house that had been in mymother’s family for generations. My mother’s husband was away a lot, and she was alone in the house with her baby (she was very young herself – not yet 20). She would often hear the creaking of someone walking up and down the stairs, but she wasn’t scared. She knew it was her grandfather, dead now for quite a few years, but she felt calmed by his presence and believe he kept us safe.

  2. As a child I was tormented for years by a presence I was convinced lived in the attic behind my closet. I was in my thirties the last time I was in that house, shortly before my parents moved out, and I swore I could feel it watching me as I came down the stairs.
    Was it real? I still don’t know. Maybe I was tormenting myself–a thought that’s at least as frightening to me as the possibility of a malevolent spirit.
    I’m a skeptic but I consider myself an honest skeptic, meaning that, unlike most skeptics who dismiss claims of the paranormal out of hand, I’m open to the possibility that there really are ghosts.
    Christopher recently posted…These Keep Coming Up.My Profile

    • Houses creak. Mister travels a lot and I notice it then. But it is a very different feeling when I have ‘someone’ with me. It is more like comfort. Except this particular house-guest who felt more like a child demon.

  3. We bought a house that previously had a very very bad tenant. We heard rattling, footsteps and thumps. We thought the tenants had left bad vibes behind. When we did a title search to find out the original owner was Mrs. Jackson, we talked to her and told her that we would be kind to her home and not let anything bad happen there. She must have been happy because she left us in peace. Also, while sleeping in that same house I awoke to find my father at the foot of my bed. He had died when I was 17 so nearly 20 years had passed since my seeing him. He smiled at me and promptly disappeared again. Haven’t seem him since, but it was a lovely night and a fabulous memory.

    • I remember you telling me this story and I tried explaining to our ‘ghost’ that I would take good care here. He was not as amenable as Mrs. Jackson was. Nice that you saw your dad. I can’t say I have seen anyone. Just felt them. Maybe that is weirder…

  4. Sounds like you’ve had a fairly horrific time, Kristine. Still, I guess it’s always good to know that wasps love you. I’m pretty sure we don’t have any ghosts in our apartment because the kids would scare them. The kids scare me too, but I’m legally and morally obliged to hang around.
    Bun Karyudo recently posted…Things That Drive Me Crazy! (My Guest Post)My Profile

  5. Can ghosts follow you from house to house, or do they belong to a house? I have this phenomenon a least a few times a year when I am in bed. I can so distinctly feel someone sit down on the end of the bed. I can feel the weight of them there. I’m half asleep/half awake. It’s not scary, but I am curious. It has happened in both houses I have lived in recently.

    So, all ghost experts, please advise.
    halfa1000miles recently posted…100 Questions to Ask Each OtherMy Profile

    • I think ‘our ghosts’ do. The trapped ghosts I think have to be ‘released’.
      Kristine @ Mum Revised recently posted…The Ghost of Owners PastMy Profile

      • I, too, believe in traveling ghosts. I live with at least 3 – the traveler is my ex – who did not die here, but perhaps was happiest here. Thankfully none of “my” resident ghosts bring negative energy. And they do not come around when my granddaughter is visiting, as we all know that would be a very bad idea. My granddad appears in the form of the smell of his pipe tobacco; my dad tends to play with the light switches. No female energies. My grandmother died here, but I did not know her. So does she not care to contact me? Or . . . ? ? so much we do not know.

        • I have two travelling ghosts. My grandmother and my mother-in-law. I am happy when they are around and talk to them even. I think this house ghost was trapped and couldn’t move on so he/she was playing with me (knowing I was sensitive to this stuff). Glad we were able to help them either live here happily with us or move on. Thanks for reading!

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