Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

This week’s 15-minute writing prompt is: Guilty Pleasures. And, go!

Guilty Pleasures

Reality TV is my guilty pleasure. I am a card-carrying Bachelor nation fan, have sent in audition tapes for The Amazing Race Canada for the last five years, and you can’t tear me away from Survivor since it first aired with a naked Richard Hatch. Our PVR helps me never miss a moment of the drama.

This summer our family added Bachelor in Paradise to our reality TV viewing list. It is trashy, cringe-worthy, watch-through-your-fingers kind-of stuff but we can’t look away. I think our affinity with reality TV is, in part, the realization that we have it good when we are finished watching these kinds of shows. Our family of four discuss the most disgusting displays of human behaviour over dinner—with our mouths full while talking and elbows on the table.

What would the reality show of our life feature? Maybe teenagers bickering. Parents disagreeing. Laughter. Bullying even in the form of teasing. I think shining a light on any family and saying action would change the behaviour of our perfectly functional dysfunction into a drama worth PVR’ing. It may not be the high romance you find on the beaches of Mexico, but it is the everyday drama that plays out in homes across the world. What’s for dinner? Who’s turn is it to do the dishes? What time is too early to go to bed? Did someone feed the dog? Will dad fall asleep first during the movie or is it my turn? The plot twists are around every corner… or is that popcorn twists.

I’ve said too much.

Fifteen Minute Fridays are prompts from my writing group, which is actually on Mondays. We get the prompt and write for 15 minutes. I edit only for spelling here, so be kind.

What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate, a beer a day, cheezies? Or, do you share my love for reality TV? Do tell!


  1. WordPress had you in “fatal error” all day yesterday. I tried to e-mail to your’mum’ address but that came back to me undeliverable.

    With the exception of AGT, I don’t like any reality shows, so instead of being like sisters, we’re more like distant cousins!

    But my not-so-guilty pleasure is always chocolate (no nuts please). Being a type 2 Diabetic is where the ‘guilty’ comes into play, but now karma is hitting me up with toe cramps whenever I eat any. Thankfully potassium and magnesium takes care of that little problem, and my readings are perfect, so phew on that score.

    • My website and I had different goals yesterday. Not sure why my hatemail wasn’t working… but I don’t have the energy to be on with a customer service representative 4 times in one day.
      Oh how I love chocolate! It is amazing how many people I know who have a piece or two a day (myself included usually). It just does the body good (as long as you keep your levels in check!). Thanks for coming back after my fatal error. Maybe the real fatal error was spending 20+ hours watching such trash this summer…

  2. I understand there’s been a recent trend in reality TV–although “Bachelor In Paradise” is probably behind the times–toward niceness. I could see your family being part of that trend. In fact you had a very nice reality show of your own that was fun, inspiring, and nothing to feel guilty about. I know I thoroughly enjoyed all fifty parts.
    My own “guilty pleasure” is old horror films, but I rarely feel guilty about it. I mostly feel bad that many of them had great ideas but didn’t have the budget or technology to do them as well as they wanted.
    Christopher recently posted…Drying Out.My Profile

  3. OK, my reality TV guilty pleasures big three are: Survivor, Amazing Race, and Big Brother.

    If I’m in the mood I’ll also watch Forged in Fire and Top Chef.

    I actually applied for Amazing Race and sent in an audition tape about 14 years ago. Maybe I’ll write a post about that and show it.
    Arionis recently posted…Off The Road AgainMy Profile

  4. I nominated your ass (and the rest of you)! You better accept!
    Arionis recently posted…I Won A Major Award!My Profile

  5. I can’t watch reality television. I can’t.
    If for one minute I believed people really acted like that? I’d being calling Elon Musk and booking passage to Mars.

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