Happy Thanksgiving. For the love of the Sacred Bird, stop shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving. For the love of the Sacred Bird, stop shopping!

I am finally giving you another vlog. So much for my once/month commitment to myself. If it makes you feel better, I had also committed to shaving once/week and that didn’t happen either. Fair fair.

This time I am singing again because I know you can’t get enough of that. I get distressed by the lack of respect for Thanksgiving as a holiday in the US. It started last year when I was travelling to NYC with Daphne (my daughter, not her real name) over the holiday. We expected to watch the Macy’s parade, go to a show and watch a movie in our room after we found a restaurant serving turkey. We found every shop open and the city buzzing instead. WTF?! Can’t y’all just take one day to celebrate family? The next day was Black Friday for crying out loud, can’t you shop then?

This idea is courtesy of another blogger, Foxy Wine Pocket, who does a fabulous job of celebrating the season. Check out how she celebrates (after you hear my song of course). Simply brilliant (her, not me, just to be clear)!


Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. We all have plenty to be thankful for with the world going to hell in front of our eyes. Enjoy your family, hold them close and give your plastic a rest until Friday.

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  1. Ahhh.. that was lovely, Kristine. I just shared on FB! And no worries here, I can’t stand to shop in all the madness (traffic, crowds). I’ll be at home spending time with family. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!
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  2. so cute! you sound great! xo

  3. Nice Turkey song. No shopping in my life either so I’m good to go.

  4. Awesome song. I played it while at eye doc and received several thumbs up from people with their eyes too dilated to read their own phone.

  5. After the shaky first line (whoops!) the song was great! Good job on remembering the lyrics. I couldn’t have done it, even with a cheat sheet. I agree with the message too. People shouldn’t use special days as shopping days.

    • And on the second take no less. I love Thanksgiving here. The house is warm and cozy, we watch movies and play games and rarely get out of our jammies. Nobody checks email or answers the phone for anyone but family. It is magical for 24 hours until we return to our chaos.

  6. I detest shopping so I’m going to spend the day cooking – which I also detest. Fortunately, I love my family and friends so it makes it all worthwhile. Here’s hoping you and your family have a wonderful (accident free) Thanksgiving! Looking forward to your next song!!!

  7. This is what Thanksgiving needs: its own special song. Not that we should need a song to remind us that the bloody shopping can wait for Friday, but it wouldn’t hurt. This was wonderful.
    Stores opening on Thanksgiving Day–and not just encouraging people to come in but requiring employees to take time away from friends and family–is the one thing that irks me more than Christmas decorations coming out in early October.
    Seriously, people, let’s get through Thanksgiving–since it comes first for Canadians–and Halloween before bringing out the Yule stuff.
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    • I can’t agree more. I spoke to lots of people in NYC last year working in stores. Many 20 somethings said they were happy to be there because then they didn’t have to help (slash, learn what it takes to make a family meal). Some older employees said they couldn’t afford not to be there because they were part of the seasonal staff and it was the bargain they struck. I would love to even go back to when there was no shopping on Sundays. We all go so fast, time to stop and be thankful for what is important (family and friends in case that wasn’t clear) might just be what we are missing.

  8. You sing, too?! Love it. 🙂

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