Helix, Highness

Helix, Highness

Maybe it is a crazy thing for an old lady to want, but I have always wanted a helix piercing. I think they are sexy as hell and I got over having stick-out ears in my twenties and embraced the fact that those bitches with the flat ears can’t tuck their hair behind them. I took our daughter, Daphne, with me as she got a second piercing in one ear.

Gotta tell you, I was shaking like a leaf before I went in having heard the stories of pain. “Life is pain, Highness,” I kept telling myself. Because Princess Bride, not because I am descended from royalty. But, maybe I am. Maybe I should do a 23 and Me thing as one of my weeks. Considering…

(Find out what else I was thinking here at BluntMoms.)

Anyway, here is week 6. Enjoy.


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  1. You’re way braver than I am! But, why only 1 ear? (Warning: What they don’t tell you is that when you get old, everything on your body starts to sag – including your ear lobes. I can only used posts now. I can’t use anything like hoops or curved wire. The holes no longer “match up”.

    • Because it is cartilage it shouldn’t stretch. Apparently, the worst for that is cheeks because the piercing goes through the muscle. This is about as brave as I get with the piercing because of sag worries 🙂

  2. CUTE! Love the fact that Daphne was with you. I didn’t hear her complain though. Next is the tattoo?

  3. At first I thought that the fact that your piercing is called a “helix piercing” would be the most interesting thing I’d learn but that was topped by the information about genital piercing.
    And if you’re a Trekkie you can now wear a Bajoran earring.
    Christopher recently posted…From The Workshop.My Profile

    • Not a trekkie and I googled Bajoran… I’m pretty sure I’d snag that on something and end up in hospital. I’m going to go with something pretty simple–I do have a tendency to find trouble, after all.

    • I looked up Bajoran earrings and I’m pretty sure, with my track record, that they would be a hazard to my health 🙂 You are welcome for introducing you to the wonderful world of piercing. My gift to you, Christopher.

  4. Frankly, that is one fine Piercing! That’s actually an American presidential pun. Admittedly a terrible one, but one all the same. I was a victim of senseless piercing gun violence. My GF snuck up behind me in a bar and shot me in the left ear with a diamond stud. I bore that scar for 14 years before I saw Harrison Ford with one and decided it needed to come out.

    BTW, you’ve won a Chriester Award. It’s not a real thing, and Chris doesn’t even know about it yet. Check out the details on the commentluv link. You’re welcome (or sorry).
    Arionis recently posted…I kind of got an award?My Profile

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