I Fly (Board)

I Fly (Board)

Not everyone knows what flyboarding is, or would have access to someone with the actual technology. You need a jetski and a board/hose. I have none of those. Fortunately, I have a friend with a cottage on a lake that has a company with both of those items so we were golden. This may have been the most fun I have had this year. It was a beautiful day, I was enjoying the company of good friends, there were snacks, and there was no trip to the ER.


Falling was not painful or even sudden. It was the Nestea plunge a couple of dozen times and it was part of the fun. If you can find a friend on a lake or some random guy on a beach that speaks Spanish and wants you to pay in pesos, do it! You will definitely enjoy this ride.

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  1. That actually looked like a lot of fun. You really picked up some color from the sun!
    Thank you for starting off the blog with the fact that there was no ER visit. I could sit back and relax and enjoy the video after that!

  2. Thank you–now I know what that thing is called. Flyboarding looks like a lot of fun. It also looks like it requires some pretty good balance which would be my downfall (see what I did there?) but I’d still love to try it.

  3. That was my fav so far! It helped that we had perfect weather, great location, and easy-on-eyes instructors!

  4. Katarina Simons : August 21, 2018 at 8:58 am

    One of the best so far! It was such a fun and perfect day. Joy!! (^8 xo

  5. You are brave and hysterical:). Both good things. But you knew that already, right?

  6. Wow, brave lady? Crazy lady? Love it. I need to check this out at our cottage!

  7. “It was a beautiful day, I was enjoying the company of good friends, there were snacks, and there was no trip to the ER.”

    When I started that sentence I fully expected it to end with “followed by a trip to the ER.” That was super fly! I would like to try that. However, knowing me I’d somehow get it flipped around and have the worst (or best) enema of my life.

    • I did flip around and managed to keep the water out of orifices and I am likely to be the most accident-prone person you could imagine. 13 more weeks to go and I can say only 3 of them are ER possibilities. I might make it out of this year with only the snowboarding incident as a lasting scar. #Winning

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