I Love Snakes! Tarantulas I’m Just In-Like With.

I Love Snakes! Tarantulas I'm Just In-Like With.

I didn’t expect to love holding a snake. In fact, I had a whole tummy drop moment when I realized that my brave face was about to be put to the test.

My friends and I, a toddler friend too, spent the afternoon at Reptilia. My request when booking the session was, “I want to hold a big scary snake.” What I really meant by ‘want’ was, “I should do this to get over the fear of doing this.” They delivered.

When I held Pablo, I realized he wasn’t scary at all. He was a real charmer (pun intended). His slow movements and strong hug made me feel instantly comfortable. OK, the strong hug from a constrictor sounds scarier then it felt. He was pliable enough that you could stop him from over-hugging easily. I recommend finding a snake to hug… you know, for therapy. It was a phenomenal experience.

The tarantula was a different story. I started sweating almost immediately and then was distinctly aware of my hands vibrating ever so slightly. Thank goodness I didn’t smell like a male tarantula. Not because they smell bad, but because of the, ‘eating him after sex’ problem.

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  1. I want to say “ick” but I’ve accidentally picked up a (small) snake before and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Kind of felt like it was covered with baby powder. Of course, it wasn’t big enough to hug me like yours (thankyouthankyouthankyou) which is just as well because I ran like hell after I realized what I had done. But that spider – no freakin way!

    • I was pleasantly surprised by the snake. I gasped when he came out of his pillowcase but I’m saying yes to stuff so I said yes to hugging that boy. He was amazing! As for the spider… it was NOT my intention to hold her. But I was asked so I had to say, “yes.” I’m glad I did, only for posterity, but I will admit it is a one-off.

  2. Was it surprising how heavy Pablo was? You commented on it but I’m so used to picking up the garter snakes in my neighbor’s garden that the heaviness of the big snakes always surprises me. They’re so long I always think the weight will be more evenly distributed but they can be quite thick in the middle and that’s all muscle.
    And I can understand being nervous about the tarantula. I pick up stray spiders in the house (to my wife’s chagrin) because I can’t bear to kill them–I put ’em outside. They’re small and harmless but a tarantula could give you a pretty good nip if it wanted to.

    • I was really surprised how heavy my friend Pablo was (or how weak I was)!
      Do you think if I “found” a Colombian Boa Constrictor at the cottage, the family would let me keep it?
      As for spiders, I’m totally cool with picking up a house spider and moving him outside to fend for himself but I’ve also been known to just give them a finger squish. I draw the line at picking up dock spiders but I’m happy to be on shoe patrol in the mornings to clear the way for our spider-fobic daughter. I knew that spider wasn’t interested in hurting me, but somehow, I was freaked. I think I made it look easy though 🙂

  3. Thanks @mumrevised for another ‘saying yes’ experience. My favourite part of the day was when the leader said ‘wait, I’m a little confused – are there any children coming to today’s session?’ No just us old broads.! Thx Kris – maybe there’s a heavy metal video in your future

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