I LOVE Victor!

Although I have gone through the diaper cream like we had a baby in the house, I am thrilled to announce that Victor has eaten 5 pounds of my body. Way to go! Everyone should get a Victor if they want to shed a few.**

I have tried cleanses. This one is the best because I can eat whatever the hell I want.

I have tried diets. I don’t have the patience, will power or stamina it takes.

I have tried counting calories. They are boring and I lose patience (and, truthfully start lying to myself) after day 2.

Seems my sweet spot is parasites. Not glamourous and certainly more doctor’s appointments than the other methods, but way more in keeping with my lifestyle. I have to be in the washroom anyway don’t I?

Only problem is that my Victor will die. This is not a long-term relationship. But I have to say as the weather is warming up and my cute summer clothes are creeping closer to the bedroom closet, I am happy to have my friend. I may have inaccurately described/named him. He/she may be a Victoria after all. Way to go girl! I have another 4 to lose so keep up the good work!


** this is in no way a medical endorsement of parasites. I am trying to be funny. If you think this is a medical endorsement of parasites then what you need to ask your doctor about is the funny bone. So grade 3, but it still works.



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