I Milked a Cow and I Liked It

I Milked a Cow and I Liked It

Our cow was beautiful. She was Nicaraguan-born and Spanish. I don’t remember the name of the cow I had my hand in milking. I feel shame about that. In all fairness, our guide did tell us twice in Spanish and Michele wasn’t fluent at the time so I couldn’t catch it (you’ll meet Michele in the video. Can we say ‘hysterical’?)

I can’t even tell you why I wanted to milk a cow, but I think I have always wanted to. I had organized through a friend to do it in the spring outside Toronto, that would be two hours away and still worth the drive. But, then we find ourselves at an EcoLodge in Nicaragua (one I will never go to again… but that is a story for another day). Within thirty minutes of my morning coffee, I was looking at these big brown eyes and making a connection. I think we understood each other pretty well before we got down and personal. Mothers are like that. We get the challenges of it and it transcends species and language. That will make more sense after you watch. Enjoy!



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  1. You go to the most interesting places on vacation! And with your friends!!! I thought at first that you had imported a cow in order to do this, but then realized you were away. Migrant worker cows – what a concept! Do they let the calf eat until it’s full before filling the bucket? You lead such an interesting life! This 50/50 is wonderful, and hardly any ER visits!

  2. So did you try the milk? Yeah, I know, listeria and E. coli and, um, maybe spontaneous decapitation, but I have farm-raised family members who say fresh milk tastes wonderful, and they’re still alive and still have their heads.
    Anyway milking a cow seems like it would be fun so it’s not surprising you wanted to try it.
    And did Michelle really say “cervezas camarones”? Is there really a “shrimp beer”? And if so is that an upcoming post of something else unusual you tried?
    Christopher recently posted…Judge A Book By Its Cover.My Profile

    • Damn, you speak Spanish (or speak Google translate). Those were Michele’s two favourite words on holidays (and I suspect the only ones she knew besides si) and she said them so well it made us laugh every time. No, they wouldn’t let us try the milk. Because of decapitation.

  3. You went all the way to Nicaragua to milk a cow? And you liked it? I guess the real question is, did the cow like it? Si, no, asi asi? I’m sure the husband of that one woman liked it. Well, if she practiced long enough that is.
    Arionis recently posted…Just A Small StoryMy Profile

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