I Ride a Jetski

I Ride a Jetski

The entire family has been interested in Jetskis but they are just not appropriate for the lake we are on so I have resisted even trying one. The truth is I suspected I might like it (the boat doesn’t thrill me but it is a way to get from point A to B). Jetskis are welcome, however, on Lake Eugenia where my friend Deb spends her summers. She was kind enough to invite me, the kids, and my parents out to enjoy a day in the sun and hours on the water.

Lessons I learned: neutral is not ‘no movement;’ like Lays, you can’t have just one; and, my instincts were correct because I loved it!

I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day and explored our lakes and enjoyed our son. It is absolutely my favourite holiday. Sure Christmas is fun, but it can be stressful. Halloween is a blast but there is planning involved. Thanksgiving I spend in the kitchen. Canada Day is the only holiday that I don’t spend ‘doing,’ and it is always spent together as a family with the sun, the lake, and a glass of white or two. What is your favourite holiday?

PS: In case you are interested, I thanked Deb by absolutely soaking her on the ski. I’m a giver that way 🙂




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  1. Looks super fun! Folks on our lake don’t love them either so we pddle, paddle, paddle. (-8

  2. Happy sesquicentennial! And that was a great way to celebrate it. Jetskis look like so much fun. I love all kinds of boating and swimming and a Jetski seems like it would be a fun way to speed around while staying close to the water.
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    • It was a lot of fun! I’m not a big fan of the boat. Maybe it’s because I rarely drive and am usually spotting a kid on some towable which means I am travelling backwards. Jetski though, I was in control and going forwards. Crazy fun!

  3. Good, clean summer fun. I’m on the fence about buying, so we rent on occasion…

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