I’m Still Here… and I survived 50,000 steps in one day.

I'm Still Here... and I survived 50,000 steps in one day.

Back in 2017, I challenged myself to get to 50,000 steps in one day. I hadn’t really picked a day but knew it was going to be the week of December 11th. I woke up on the Wednesday to get the family out of the house, did my workout and thought, “Hey, I have a long lunch today and a potluck at tap class that I have to make food for, which means today seems like a day that it would be almost impossible to get to 50,000 steps since it is already 8.30 am and I’m behind, so today is the day.” That’s kind of how I roll. Spoiler alert, I was in the bath at 10.10 pm with a glass of wine (this does NOT appear on the video).

But then it came to editing. So Christmas for mothers is a shit show, so I delayed a bit. (Maybe not all mothers, but certainly this one). Then, I was couch-bound for weeks with a head cold turned bronchitis. Now I just have a 100-day cough, so I’m golden and ready to get back!

While I was on the couch, you’d think I’d take the time to edit all the videos I have pending, but you know me well enough to know I did not do that. Netflix and I had many dates. I downed The Crown, The Night Manager (again!), Grace & Frankie, Lovesick, and End of the F**king World. I loved them all! Netflix is better than cough syrup any day. Except for that kind that stops your cough and puts you to sleep… that is pretty amazing stuff.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog post.

I finally edited two videos this week then iMovie decided to hate me for not paying attention to it for weeks so it would crash when I wanted to share anything. We had a long sit-down and we now understand each other. When iMovie pitches a fit, I am to walk away and breathe. Then, when it is good and ready, iMovie will help me get my fully edited video to where I want it. It might be a dysfunctional relationship, but it has the word functional in it so I’m going to say that’s good.

Anyway… You will be getting several videos in the coming weeks. Some were recorded in December (yes, it is February). I have three videos near done (Daphne is editing one for me for a school project so that one will be amazing!). One that came out today (below) and one that is scheduled for Saturday. I’m hoping to get to a weekly plan now that I’m healthyish. But, it is me, so don’t count on it. (Ha ha… Count…)


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Thanks to Netflix for being my friend with benefits!


  1. Wow! You must have sorer than you’ve ever been! How did you get the last 20,000 miles in by 10 PM? I know, you put the fit bit on the dog and sent him out to chase rabbits!
    Hope you’re finally feeling better (I knew there must be some medical reason for not hearing from you recently). At least you weren’t in the ER (or were you?)!

    • I was sore! The last 10,000 came between tap class (I walked around during the potluck), and pacing in the house when I got home 🙂
      No ER… but there was a close call with a moose darting out in front of my car last week… Scary!

  2. Nice! The highest I ever got, not counting that time I was in a slot tournament and it ticked off a step every time I feverishly pressed that spin button, was around 35,000. I probably got more on a multiple day hike I was on but I didn’t take my counter because I couldn’t keep it charged on the trail. You know what they say, picture or it didn’t happen. If you want to read about another type of counter I had an idea for, check out the link below. Fair warning, it’s a little racy.

    Arionis recently posted…The One With The ListMy Profile

  3. The impressive thing is you started late and had a full day and still managed to get all those steps in. And that was, what, almost ten miles? Most people will only drive that distance which gives me an idea. They have new walking desks so people can walk at work. The next thing should be the walking car so people can walk to work.

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