In Search of My Stomach

In Search of My Stomach

When I was a kid, I’d find the scariest of the roller coasters and line up for hours, much to the distaste of my parents. But something happens when you have kids that change your perspective on doing things that scare you.

Being afraid doesn’t so much get in your way until the day when you are the parent standing in the line with your kid and walking straight through the seats to wait at the finish line. The delight on their faces makes you, just for a split second, wish you had shared the fun with them, but the fear is still there and it quickly drowns out the idea.

For me, the fear took on a life of its own every time I watched our spawn do something I used to enjoy, but now can’t bring myself to do. Until I challenged myself to conquer my fears that is. And that I did.

I went on Canada’s largest roller coaster. I didn’t pass out. I didn’t puke. I didn’t even cry. I did keep my eyes open for the majority of the ride and managed to get my hands off the bar on a few drops and turns my bat wings flapping in the breeze (not the big drop… that’s for another day). You know the crazy thing? I survived AND I had fun. I spent my nervous energy hanging out with one of my favourite people (our daughter Daphne), and her strength gave me the strength to get on that ride even when they told us we had to sit in the coveted (by some) last car. That used to be my job; teaching her how to calm herself in stressful situations. I must have taught her well, because she was calming me like a champ.

I’m still going to be nervous on the drops if I go again, but I know I will survive, have fun, and it won’t be fear that holds me back from enjoying the company of my family.



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  1. There used to be an amusement park called Opryland here in Nashville. Sadly it’s a giant mall now. I thought the roller coasters were so cool and then I went on one and said “Well I’m never doing that again.” I begged my parents to not take me on any roller coasters at Disneyworld. They did anyway.
    Now I wish I could go back and tell my young self to just sit back and enjoy the ride.
    Congratulations on enjoying the ride and I hope you found your stomach eventually.
    Christopher recently posted…Getting By.My Profile

    • My stomach was still there when I returned my feet to the ground, unfortunately. I was hoping it would be like liposuction and some of me would be left in the catch net where the random cell phones, flip flops, and hats are collected.

  2. Congrats on doing the huge roller coaster! I understand what you are saying about fear becoming a go-to when you have kids.

    • Fear is a killer. It stops me so often and I let it. Not this year though… fear can take a backseat until I have my 50th birthday. Then I will embrace those fraidy-pants and settle into my old ways (or maybe not… time will tell).

  3. Use Your Thinkball : July 23, 2018 at 9:27 am

    Just the other night I realized I have turned into the “won’t go on a roller coaster” type person. This thought did not make me happy, but I just can’t, so my hat’s off to you. So glad you didn’t fall halfway out, hang there for a while, and then ultimately fall and die like I know I would. I actually have a recurring nightmare about that. You’re brave in so many ways.

    • I was more worried I’d pass out like they do in the fail videos and then be all floppy and weird and freak people out and embarrass our daughter. I guess concentrating on breathing helped. I still embarrassed our girl, but that is daily anyway so it is all good.

  4. Well, you did it again. Came up with yet another experience that I could never hope to accomplish! Even as a kid you couldn’t get me on a roller coaster. I have mild issues with fast dropping elevators! And don’t get me started on bumpy airplane flights. But I can’t wait until your final deed! Please don’t make it an ER event!

    • I can’t stand dropping elevators! I’m sure I will die in an elevator when the cable snaps and I am stuck to the ceiling while the rest of the passengers are still on their phones with their feet on the floor (like in my dreams). I think that is why this event, actually, terrified me. I had sweaty dreams for weeks prior to our coaster date and busied myself in line with camera equipment I couldn’t use. On the way up I was eyes closed and deep breathing when the guy next to me asked if I would be ok. “Don’t you want to see the view?” he asked. I opened my eyes and it was quite spectacular and I forgot for a moment I was going to plunge to my death. Breathing out helps.

  5. I was a roller coaster junkie for most of my life. Just recently in the past few years has it lost its luster for me. However, one of the best days I ever had riding roller coasters was at Six Flags Magic Mountain near Los Angeles. I went with a buddy of mine on December 31, 1999. Everyone was freaking out about the Y2K bug and hardly anybody was there. I guess they figured the coasters would all malfunction and they’d die horrible deaths crushed between the cars. It was great because there were hardly any lines. In some cases the operator just kept the coaster going non-stop until somebody asked to get off.
    Arionis recently posted…Good And Bad NewsMy Profile

    • Now that was stupid brave! I guess dying in a y2k related roller coaster accident would look pretty good on the stone. Mine will likely say, “Ate something that didn’t agree with her.” I’ll take it, but I’d rather it be fancy like yours. Goalz

  6. Good for you! Next up–free falling? 🙂

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