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A really sweet blogger Rachael at My Life in Rambles asked me to answer some questions about blogging. Because I am a giving person (not because of writer’s block, I swear), I thought I would use her list as a prompt.

These were the questions I chose to answer (one of which was asked).

  1. Why do you blog? What does it do for you? did you think you could blog? I still don’t think I can blog, but I have laced my blog with cocaine to get people to come back.
  2. If you were a tree marshmallow, what kind of tree marshmallow would you be? Why? The big fluffy white kind ‘cuz they are white floaters in brown liquid and that makes me laugh.
  3. What is your biggest fear appendage? My right leg.
  4. What is your favorite blog? No, you may not use your own. My own. (Oh, and the ones you find listed under Blogs I Stalk)
  5. What is your hobby/passion favourite passionfruit recipe? I don’t have one. I wouldn’t be able to pick a passionfruit out of a police lineup either if I was being honest. 
  6. If you could have 3 wishes granted $30 million, what would they be you do with it? (Silence followed by a door slam and maniacal laugh.)
  7. Why/how did you pick your blog name blogging? My kids didn’t need me as much and I had done more than my tour of duty at the school as a volunteer. I wanted something that was my own. I thought of becoming a professional wrestler until I realized that you had to touch other sweaty people and you couldn’t do it from the couch. So writing it is. Thanks for asking.
  8. What advice would you give to another blogger? Be yourself. Try to write every week. Alwayz Cheeck your speling.
  9. If you could do jump over one thing in your life what would it be? I would have to choose the fence in my father’s backyard when I was younger. My neighbour, Mrs. F, had the best raspberry bushes and I had to reach over, often getting stung by bees because I couldn’t see what I was grabbing. You may be surprised to find out that bees and raspberries feel astoundingly similar. Jumping would have been a less painful option.
  10. What are your goals for the next 10 years minutes? To finish this list, have a poop and grab a cup of coffee. You should always list goals in 3s.
  11. If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be? If you could have 1000 more fans on facebook or twitter or subscribers to your blog what would you choose? Subscribers. Get on it already!

Thanks for taking an interest in my blog. I am a bit messed up, but my readers are totally amazing!


  1. I have two additional questions:

    1. Poop BEFORE coffee? Whoa! Is there more poop after the coffee? Coffee makes poop. I’m so confused.
    2. In the words of me (and Elton John): Are your eyes green or blue? Cause those are the sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen.
    halfa1000miles recently posted…I Lose My Shit Over DonutsMy Profile

  2. I always knew that I adored you Kristine but your mention of your need to poop after coffee just totally sealed the deal. We should totally go out for coffee sometime. Like late morning after you’ve already had your first coffee of the day as well as your morning poo. It’s a date!
    Gina W. recently posted…“Cornhole” is my icky word. What’s yours?My Profile

  3. Gotta love your answers. LOL

  4. Hmmm. BlogU. Looked it up. Sounds interesting…and right near my sister’s house. Have you been before?? Tell me all the things.
    halfa1000miles recently posted…I Lose My Shit Over DonutsMy Profile

  5. Cocaine? I knew there was something I’d forgotten as part of my blogging strategy. It’s not the kind of thing I have much (actually any) contact with in my daily life. Perhaps I could lace my blog with icing sugar and hope nobody notices the difference.
    Bun Karyudo recently posted…Severe Technical ProblemsMy Profile

  6. I like your Mad Libs approach to adapting the questionnaire, but I have to admit the answers are ten times funnier if you read them in response to the original questions. At least, I think they are. It might just be the cocaine talking.

    At any rate, I hope you eventually get over that fear of your right leg and that all your wishes for silence, doors slamming, and maniacal laughter come true.
    Spoken Like A True Nut recently posted…Penis.My Profile

  7. I love it!!!!!
    Racheal recently posted…50 Flavors of FloorMy Profile

  8. No information about you is ever TMI, my sweet! And your eyes are beautiful. Their color is just like mine, but mine are several shades darker. Also, this post may also help my bowels, which are almost always mad as hell and don’t want to take it anymore. I stopped drinking coffee about 5 years ago, because I love tea so much and it’s easier on my stomach. I think I need to drink coffee again. I’m going to go make some right now. I’ll let you know “how it goes” later.

    Are YOU going to Blog U? I can’t afford to go, but if I could, I’d probably have to hide in the bushes and make random comments. That’s as close as I can come to replicating my job in the blogosphere.

  9. I need more information. Specifically what made you think professional wrestling was an option? Also when you were picking raspberries what did you want to grow up to be, and approximately when did you abandon that goal as something either beyond your reach or just not as interesting as you thought it would be?
    And as the kids say, pics or it didn’t happen.
    Christopher recently posted…Poetry In Motion: Week 4.My Profile

    • 1. Doesn’t everybody at some point consider professional wrestling?
      2. I wanted to be taller, or at least have longer arms. I was a dreamer.
      3. I added a picture of my right leg stupidly being longer than my left on Instagram. It is at the bottom. Anything else?

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