I’ve Been Revised with a CityLine Makeover!

cityline makeover mum revised

It was a wonderful Friday morning. I was hanging out with my bestie headed to Cityline taping of Fashion Fridays with Tracy Moore. I wore my hot white pants and favourite shoes with a blue blouse I liked. I did my makeup and straightened my hair being liberal with the dry shampoo. We were last in the room because my bladder was angry and took our seats near the back. You could still see everything and I was hanging with one of my favourite people so it didn’t matter. I even taught her how to use Twitter. Life was good.

The producer addressed the audience and asked if anyone was interested in a makeover. Twenty-five percent of the audience had their hands in the air and I said, “Why not,” adding my appendage to the mix. The stylist talked to several hand-raisers in the front row when the producer pointed at me. The stylist agreed that I was the lucky audience member because I was up for anything.

Now, I might surmise from this that I have good bones. Or, I could think it was because of my sparkling smile. But I chose to think it was because I needed the most help. Because, you know, crazy. I wish I had some advice for people wanting to be audience selected. I pried and pried and they divulged nothing so it will continue to be an industry secret.

cityline makeover mum revised

That’s the TV, and me on it.

I spent the next hour being primped and prodded by Tracy on makeup and Michelle on hair. The host and producers asked me several times what my blog was about and I couldn’t think of anything appropriate (even though I’m pretty sure there are some appropriate articles for daytime TV here). I remembered the name of my Scary Mommy article at the last minute and the host mentioned that one. Had I thought of it, I would have mentioned the Wonder, Woe, WTF?! book because it turns out the host has read it and commented about it. As it was, they promised to mention the name of my blog and add it to the show but they did one better by showing it on the screen. So, if you are here because of that, welcome. Please don’t be scared. Have a look around and you can see that my makeover was truly transformational.

I thought I would show you the before picture. The after. And then the morning after having slept on all that product including my ample dry shampoo. I can’t show you my ‘See, I can do it myself,” shot, because I haven’t quite mastered the look yet, even though I sometimes get close. Right now there are about 26 pins in my hair because it was driving me crazy, but that isn’t new either.

All in all, it was an absolute hoot! The girls frantically worked to transform this ugly duckling into something less passport-y was a miracle to watch. They would disappear during my makeover to do their segments on the show and jump right back in where they left off. It must have been nerve-wracking. They laughed at my lame jokes and made me feel beautiful even before I was done. As an aside, I can’t believe how much concealer they had to use! I’m pretty sure I’d be taking out another mortgage if I did my makeup like that every day.

I think I’m going to add, ‘get a TV makeover’ to my bucket list so I can cross it off. Why not? Below is the clip from the show. It is 2.5 minutes but the big reveal is right at the beginning. I don’t have to quippy ending, so booyah.


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  1. You were beautiful before – they just gave you the “I’m going out to an elegant dinner” makeover. Not more beautiful, just fancier. And the “glow” comes from within you – not makeup. Have you seen yourself when you smile and mean it!?!?

  2. You are too funny. This is awesome and I love the hair cut! Also, did they make you not smile in the ‘before’ mug shot? 😉

  3. That is fantastic. The “day after” look shows that while they styled your hair they did leave it “movable”, as the stylist said. So you really got a look that was still elegant, functional, and realistic even the day after.
    Christopher recently posted…The One That Got Away.My Profile

  4. Well, he’ll still see the t.v. footage, so he’ll know what he missed! By the way – over what seas? I’m in the US so everywhere that isn’t here is “over seas”. (I’m not counting Canada or Mexico, as we seemed to be attached – fence or no fence.

  5. You were very poised, my dear. That hair looks great but hard to repeat at home. Do you have it down yet? What about the make up? How exciting to be on TV. I think they chose you because of your great bone structure, and I hope that all of those girls who were so mean to you when you were in high school saw it. xo

  6. I have to say that you are more beautiful every day. Xo Mom

  7. You are totally gorge anyway, but I’m glad you got a little treat and tried to pump them for info for the rest of us at the same time.
    Jay recently posted…Mr. RightMy Profile

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