The Journey of the Journey while Listening to Journey is, in fact, the Journey

The Journey of the Journey while Listening to Journey is, in fact, the Journey

Maybe I’m the only one. Quite possibly that is true. I think the word ‘journey’ has been so overused as to render it useless. Overuse of words has happened before. Remember valise and Chesterfield? Of course not. May they rest in peace.

Webster’s defines the word journey as:
“Something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another”

The urban dictionary defines the word journey as:
“A mission that could take a long-ass time.”

I define the word journey as:
1. A long process or trip full of hardship and/or sacrifice that teaches you something about yourself. 2. A kick-ass band that sings “Faithfully.”

You can argue with me if you like, but I’m right. If you are using the word journey to signify a painful trip to Walmart, you are wrong. If you are using it to describe the decision you made to colour your hair. Again, you are wrong. If you are using the word journey about anything at work, you are super wrong. As wrong as putting the word super in front of the word wrong.

What set me off this week is the sportscasters going on about the journey to the Super Bowl. Getting to the Super Bowl is not a journey. It is, in fact, the team’s fucking job to get there.

US President Donald Trump once described his first 100 days in office as an “incredible journey.” Again, your job moron (his word, not mine), not your journey.

As many of you know, I have been going through a bucket list challenge for myself (the next instalment is below) of trying fifty new things before I turn fifty. I’ve welded, taken trapeze, tap, and salsa lessons, eaten foods that should not have been labelled food, and many more life-changing experiences are yet to come. I am learning about myself, and others have called it a journey, but it is not. I have not suffered any hardship. A few sore muscles and a bruised ego on occasion, but no difficulty.

It is pure joy to learn. It should be part of all of our lives’ work to learn, teach, and grow. That isn’t a journey, that is every day. That is life. Life is our gift, and people are squandering it by over fucking using the word journey to describe their everyday job of being human.

Rant over.

PS: I will not argue with the use of the word journey to describe suffering a life-threatening illness, making an actual pilgrimage (not a school field trip or a holiday, even if it is with special needs toddlers in wheelchairs who are allergic to everything), or escaping an evil dictator. (Wink wink, you know who I mean.)

Rant really over. Now enjoy our trip to Cuba with AfroLatino Dance Company. (Evil dictator reference implied).

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  1. Your ideas are completely innovative, even if you never actually did any of them, just coming up with the ideas is something! I’m loving this “series” and your incredible imagination! Also, I envy you your friends, who are following you into whatever (possibly) painful abyss you lead. Keep up the entertaining and good work/fun!

  2. It feels like the first time, doesn’t it, even when it’s cold as ice? Oh, wait, that’s Foreigner, not Journey. Anyway the salsa class looked like fun. And it’s even better when everyone chips in.
    Christopher recently posted…Finding My Way.My Profile

  3. I am loving the salsa dancing! What a great way to get your heart going, physically and poetically:). Love your 50 before 50! Keep it up!

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