Juggling My Life

Juggling My Life

Juggling is a fitting analogy for my life (and I suspect most lives). I’ve spent almost a year juggling the time to spend with my family, time to get my fifty items off my life list, time to sleep, time to take stock, and time to restore and maybe even write. There was not enough time.

In fact, the one thing that I would say to anyone trying to get things off their life list is slow down. Take the time to appreciate the catch and ease the throw. I try hard to get a reflection in after each week but sometimes there is no time. The reflection comes, but it is often delayed by weeks or even months before it hits me in the middle of the night what I was trying to learn. Why do things like that never hit you when you have a pen and a blank piece of paper at the ready?

I have been working on juggling for so long, I don’t need more time to understand. I wonder if I was unable to master juggling because I just didn’t have the time to pause. I couldn’t wait the moment necessary to throw the next ball. The time it takes to make it balance, keep the rhythm, crack the timing, and relax enough to enjoy the moment are all part of the success. Without them, it won’t be worth the effort. Ironically, I was too busy juggling to enjoy juggling.

I discovered the flaw in my plan sometime around week 28. I would finish one thing and move on to the next, barely breathing enough to remember what I’d crossed off the list. But the goal was out there and the engine had left the station, so I plugged on. With only four weeks to finish telling you about (but all of my adventures completed… spoiler alert), I am finally getting a chance to reflect. What a crazy year?!

The last 40 days I spent in yoga class, learning to meditate, and journaling which is not a video because it is just for me. I have a bit more clarity, but it is going to take some time to truly understand what I have accomplished and what it all means. Stick with me as I work it out in front of your eyes. Why stop now?


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  1. Katarina Simons : October 30, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    Hilarious! love the editing <3

  2. Well, you probably drink too much coffee anyway! Still, in a few of them you looked pretty good! Aren’t you supposed to start with just the 2 balls to get the hang of the “where do I look first”? I tried it exactly once. Not a success because I have no hand/eye coordination and managed to punch myself in the eye with just the 2 balls. So. Lesson learned. Make another video when you’re up to 4 balls!

  3. Incredible!

  4. The goal is always to ‘master’ or ‘conquer’. I wonder how that impedes our progress? However, I do see that you have enjoyed yourself (and frustrated yourself) and I suppose the lesson is there- somewhere in between… get your balls up!

    • I have learned that I don’t need to master or conquer this year (starting a fire without matches and snowboarding come to mind). I have also learned that you need to give yourself time to learn new things (knitting, slacklining, juggling). I just have had too many things on the go to set aside the hours needed for all that I want to learn. But, I have decades left and have built a foundation to start. Nothing wasted.

  5. The fun thing about this video is that, unlike the others, it was spaced out over a long period as you tried to master a skill–capturing how you’ve grown over the last year or so.
    And it is impressive. There’s a steep learning curve between juggling two balls and juggling three.
    Here’s a word of advice that, based on the professional jugglers I’ve observed, that might help: lose all fashion sense.
    Christopher recently posted…Hallowednesday.My Profile

  6. I’m an expert at juggling two balls. Any more than that and chaos ensues. So if it’s any consolation, you’re better than me. Bet you couldn’t duplicate that shot into your coffee cup (or is that tea?) again if you tried.

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