Livin’ On The Edge

Livin' On The Edge

My daughter, niece and I walked on the edge of the CN Tower. It was once the tallest freestanding structure in the world holding that record from 1975-2007. Now it holds another Guinness Book of World Records record as the highest external walk on a building at 356 metres (1168 feet) above the streets of Toronto. It’s pretty high up there.

You’d think since I about panicked on the roller coaster, that this would have me in cold sweats. It didn’t. I’m proud to report that I loved every second of it. The first ‘activity’ they made us do was a bit intimidating but I kept it together, put my toes over Toronto and the rest was smooth sailing. It helped that the view was incredible, the day warm with little wind, and the company spectacular. I think there is something to be said for extreme heights not being as scary as looking over a third storey balcony. The perspective is different when you are dealing with atmosphere rather than ground. Whatever the reason, it was hard to wipe the smile off our faces for a long time. Not kidding, it was the most extreme of my adventures and the most satisfying. What a rush.

If you get a chance to do this–say yes! My only advice is book your time when you know the weather. I’d originally looked at this months ago and had talked myself out of it. But then my niece told me she was going to do it anyway and I realized my FOMO would be a problem if she did go without me. So I found myself on the top of the CN Tower in the middle of the week looking out on the city I love to call home. Thanks, Toronto for all that you offer an adventurer/explorer/crazy person such as myself.

Pssst: Did you notice that I now only have eight adventures to go?! I’ve already completed 4 of them and am compiling those videos, 2 others are happening this week, and the last two will happen before the end of the month. October 1st is my actual 50th birthday and I’d hoped to be completed everything by then. But, plans change, winds change (hint to what might be to come), and I have to forgive myself for missing the deadline because this was a lofty goal and not all the items I had planned panned out. Tackling 50 items off my life list in 50 weeks was a ridiculous goal, to begin with. Even God got 52 days off in a year.


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  1. I really hope these don’t get scarier as you get to the end. Your “chutzpah” amazes me time after time. Tomorrow’s the day so I’ll say HAPPY BIRTHDAY now! Better get started on the list for your 60th!

    • There are some scary things at the end but some just plain cool stuff (and hot stuff) too. Be patient young whippersnapper (I’m getting my old-lady lingo on the ready for tomorrow). Thanks for the wishes 🙂 I think for my 60th I’ll rest!

  2. I have to say that knowing my daughter and granddaughter were hanging over the edge of the CN Tower gave me heart palpitations even though I knew you were safe. My heart is still racing?

  3. You crack me up with all the crazy shenanigans you are up to and keeping it up for a whole year! Happy 50th!!!!!
    Helen recently posted…Empathy: the people skillMy Profile

  4. wow, I like to think I’m pretty fearless when it comes to thrill activities, but you might have had to prod me out on that ledge. You rock!

    Happy Birthday! Welcome to the club. Do you need to borrow any of my old person gear from my 50th?

  5. First of all happy birthday. And more importantly that was pretty amazing. I got verdigris just watching the video–I’m not really afraid of heights but I am terrified of landing at the bottom of them–but that really looked like a lot of fun. The guy helping you through it seemed cool too, especially with the double high-fives. He gets a special shout out for doing that all the time.

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes. Landing at the bottom is harder than standing at the top… good thing I didn’t have to do that part! He was amazing considering the number of times he used the same jokes in a day and made them sound organic to the moment.

  6. Blaaaaahhhhhhh! Are you insane, woman? 🙂 This made my palms sweat–and I was just looking at the photo! You are far braver than I am and I love seeing all of your adventures . . .

    • I may be insane, but this was not the only proof 🙂 Thanks for following along. I’m almost done and then I can rest. Well, then I can stop posting videos. Well, then I can go back to ‘normal.’ Well, just well.

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