London Calling

London Calling

When Mister asked what was on my travel bucket list that could be part of my 50/50 challenge I immediately said ‘London!’ I’ve been to many places, and my friends thought London would be one place I had already explored, but I haven’t. Hey, I’ve been to London, Ontario and that was a highlight, so I didn’t want to be let down.

I excuse not seeing London yet because it has always seemed accessible with a 6.5-hour direct flight. Besides, I needed to be mature enough to handle an entire vacation in the rain if it came to that. It didn’t. We had miraculously sunny weather the whole time we were there. The rain started the day we left.

That happens on many of our vacations. We spent three months travelling Europe in 2010 and prayed for a rain day be the end. We got one when we were in the car driving from Marseille to Champagne, and when we arrived at our destination, you got it… sun.

It also happened in eastern Canada. We spent two weeks in Nova Scotia and PEI with the only drops of rain when we were in the car with one exception. One night, we walked in the sun to a restaurant, it rained through dinner and was sunny and hot for the walk home. Yup. We are excellent to schedule your vacations around. I think it compensates for the number of times we have had a trip to the emergency department, clinic, hospital, or doctor on our holidays. Take the good with the bad. This time though, the only medical procedures we were witness to happened at the gay pride parade when a man was helping another man on the ground… that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Not sticking it to it. Different story.

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  1. I just discovered that I have missed many (most?) of your 50/50 columns. I tripped over at least 2 of them on Blunt Moms where I discovered a bunch more of them. I will be spending time reading all those I’ve missed, but wonder why I’m not getting them here, like all the rest.
    No pictures of the Crown Jewels?!?!? Since you were already at the Tower of London, I thought we’d get a peek….

  2. “When a man is tired of London he is tired of life,” said Samuel Johnson, and that was before they put up The Eye. I’m glad you enjoyed it and that you even did the Jack The Ripper tour, even if it was in daylight.
    Christopher recently posted…Midsummer’s Not Over Yet.My Profile

  3. Love your videos! You are an inspiration. Hugs

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