Mary And The Medium

Mary And The Medium

I am a believer. I believe in the power of the afterlife and there are people who can communicate with dead people. I know I will lose some of you here.

I started thinking about it when the TV show ‘Crossing Over with John Edward’ was on so long ago that I need to contact a medium even to talk about it. In this case, the Oracle was Google.

Then, I had a little addiction to Theresa Caputo of The Long Island Medium fame. I had to give her up because I was beginning to believe I had ‘the gift’ and couldn’t possibly wear the shoes she does, nor could I get my hair that high without an act of God. There is no way to compete.

So, when I had the opportunity to go to see a medium, I was tentatively ready to be one with the dead while my nails dried. Yup, I was at a spa.

My friends both went ahead of me, and they were laughing at the results. One friend heard that someone named ‘Donald’ would be in her near future. She questioned, “Donald Duck?” knowing Disney was her next family vacation. I’m pretty sure my friends didn’t go in with an open mind, and they got what they were after–a good laugh. Me, I was interested in contacting my grandmother, but I kept that tidbit to myself.

The reading started, and I was more nervous than I expected. Was grandma watching at ‘our special bedtimes?’ Would she complain about how few meals from scratch I was cooking? Would she hate my hair? There were a lot of worries.

There were a lot of generalities in the session. “Do you know someone named George? Jerry? Elaine? Kramer?” Most of the names meant nothing until she hit on Mary. OK, Mary is a very common name for dead people. Mary is ‘the name’ for good Catholics the world over. I knew a Mary. She would be my mother-in-law if she survived long enough to be there when Mister and I got married. I had met her and even worked with her, but she died only three months into our dating relationship on Valentine’s Day. I always somehow knew she would have been an unyielding influence on my life had she been around to kick me when I needed it and hug me every other time.

The Medium went on to tell me that Mary was my guardian angel. Mary had sent a disciple on earth in the form of a nurse. Nurse is also general, but she gave me some very specific information pointing to the person I would imagine Mary to send to watch over me. Given my propensity for emergency rooms, I think this may have been an omen. I digress.

Then the reading got eerily precise. “Do you have a window overlooking your neighbour’s garage? Does it have a trellis on the far side with a purple flowering vine?” Crap. Yes. “Mary loves looking out that window, and she was happy when you installed the seat beside it.” My mouth gaped open so wide; I might have swallowed a fly if I had been an old lady at the time.

“Do you have a broken gate?” she continued. That is very specific. But, yes, in fact, our gate was broken. “Mary says that you will have to fix it yourself because your husband won’t have the time.” It wasn’t long after that I repaired the gate while Mister was travelling. Would I have fixed it had Mary not told me to? Likely. I am pretty handy with a toolbox. Did I smile while I worked? Yes, because I can’t whistle worth a damn.

I would love to tell you that 100% of the reading was accurate or that I had saved the scribbled down notes she gave me but that would be ridiculous and organized. I’m not sure if you know this about me yet, but organization is not my strong suit. Remember the time my editor called me frenetic? That is kind of how I live my life.

I was leaving, slightly disappointed that my guardian angel was not my grandmother because I felt she was always with me. As I was gathering my things, the Medium gave me one last parting shot.

“Mary wasn’t who you expected to hear from was it?” I answered, “No.” She then floored me with, “Your grandmother was here too, but she wanted you to know that Mary was there for you too.” Again with the flies. “She is there when you feel her. Trust your instincts.”

I cried a puddle that night and talked to my grandmother and the mother-in-law I never knew I had yet somehow known. I still talk to them, smile at them, thank them, and remember. This morning on Mary’s death anniversary I said, “Hi” when the lights flickered. That was her way of saying Hi back.

Incidentally, I tried to find that medium again to have another reading. I used to know her name, and I was never able to find her again. I know she had done a radio show at one time, but she seems to have disappeared. Ironic? Was it kismet that she was there just at the right time? I like to think Mary placed her there for me.

Do you believe in mediums? Have you ever had a psychic reading? Do tell!


  1. Last week i cried when i read a Dogs Purpose, this week I’m crying reading this. I’m so glad grandma is there for you, her Kristi Erin,

  2. I have to admit to being a bit of a skeptic about this kind of thing and so I’m unlikely to ever get a psychic reading from a medium. I did once see a stage show hypnotist take someone back to (what the person said was) a previous life, which was interesting. I also saw him make people behave like chickens and gorillas, though, so who knows what was really going on in their minds? It’s all a bit mysterious and spooky.
    Bun Karyudo recently posted…The Height of FollyMy Profile

  3. I, like Bun, am a skeptic. But I can tell that you derived a great deal of comfort and reassurance from the visit, something you wouldn’t otherwise have received. And that’s more “real” than most of the stuff they taught me in med school.
    Gabe recently posted…I am sorry for myself, I no speak in this language very muchMy Profile

    • I have been to psychics that were really just entertainment. You will be divorced in two years (that was 7 years ago)… you will marry a blonde haired man and have three children… you will befriend a hijacker. But, only one of those came true. ?

  4. I’m also part of the bit-of-a-skeptic crowd but I also believe in keeping an open mind. I remember Arthur C. Clarke, an extreme scientific skeptic if there ever was one, saying that while we can be certain that extraordinary things do happen we can’t say with absolute certainty that they never happen.
    And that applies here. We can discuss and debate how the psychic was able to give you such a profound experience but what matters is that you had a profound experience.
    Christopher recently posted…Valentine’s Day Quiz.My Profile

    • It was truly profound. I think you take from experiences what you need. I needed all of that reassurance at the time and it has lifted me up since. Like a good bra. I know that is what you were thinking. OK, you were likely not thinking that and it is just me, but aren’t you glad I shared?

  5. I believe in mediums; however, I don’t believe in the fake bullshit ones like Jon Edwards or that scary ass bitch Caputo. Sadly, I did at first, but then I realized they’re just grifters playing on the emotions of those of us who lost loved ones. My brother spoke to me from the grave. Okay, we didn’t have a complete dialoge, but when I asked a question, I got an amazing sign. I have ghosts in my house, although it’s new construction. I’m sure the land is haunted and I believe there are at least 3 people buried in my backyard. I don’t plan on digging them up, but it was interesting when I realized there were ghosts in the house (evidenced by pictures taken in the house when I was alone…and some dude was standing next to me). When I first moved into my house, on the first night, I dreamt about 3 bodies being burried on my land. I totally forgot about it until a few months ago. Mediums are mostly bullshit, but ghosts are 100% real.

    • We had ghosts when we moved into our house too. But, they were not happy ghosts. The dog was terrified and wouldn’t even come up from downstairs or go anywhere near me. I’d be alone in the house and glasses would fall and break, we had lots of unusual accidents and I was beside myself. I finally consulted a priest about blessing the house and believe it or not (I suspect you’ll believe with me), it was the first time the dog would go near me and he followed us to every door and window for the blessing and even drank the holy water with us. We still have strange things happen on occasion but I just tell ‘them’ that we are not here to harm them and it goes away. So yes, 100% on ghosts!

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