How Mister Became Mister

How Mister Became Mister

When Scooby was a pup he was normal. He may still be normal if you count talking and smiling in the normal dog category. As a pup though he had trouble getting through the night at first. I slept beside his crate, took him out to pee in the middle of the night and tolerated his whining better than Mister (I was less tolerant with Mister’s whining).

As we were returning from the cottage during those puppy days, the kids and dog were asleep in the car when the following occurred.

Mister: Call the breeder in the morning and see if we can give back the dog. You did not prepare me for this.

Me: (silence as I was dying inside) (To be fair, neither of us knew what to expect with a puppy. Why is there not a What to Expect When You’re Expecting puppy version? Damn. Did I just give away that idea out loud? You are feeling very sleepy…)

Mister: I mean it.

Me: (Anybody want a peanut? Was I prepared? When will we get home? I really need a pedicure. Is he still talking? I don’t hear whining, did we forget the dog?)

Mister continued his various complaints about the dog, but mostly the gist was, get rid of the dog before he is found dead with a note on his collar saying ‘I warned you’.

We arrived home with 20 minutes to spare. We were having 13 people over for dinner. I had previously ordered Indian food and cupcakes that were to be picked up by Mister on arrival in town. The kids and I went into action. Our daughter took Scooby out to pee and made sure he did while our son set the table, I heated the oven and wiped every surface.

Mister walked in the door with the cupcakes first. Next was the Indian that he put in the oven. Not a real Indian, Indian food.

Mister: I must have dropped some of the curry.

I noticed simultaneously:

  1. Mister’s foot in the sink, water running,
  2. The now squished pile in the hall standing beside our dog–I think that was the moment Scooby first smiled. Was Scooby really asleep in the car?…
  3. The doorbell ringing.

Me: (To our daughter) “take Scooby out NOW!”

I said hi to our company and asked them to meet us in the backyard as I took their drink orders. The steam from the kitchen was not coming from the Indian in the oven (again, food).

Mister: That dog is going back! And, don’t tell anyone about this (That part I silently filed in the round bin of my brain).

Of course I was going to tell everyone at the party and swear them all to secrecy. This kind of stuff is party gold!

At the end of the party when Mister realized that everyone knew (must have been the kids…) and he had had a glass of wine or two, I actually saw him pet the dog. Respect.

Me: You love your daddy even though he wanted to get rid of you don’t you Scooby?

Mister: Let’s get this clear. We can keep him, but I am not to be called daddy.

Me: Say hi to Mister, Scooby.

Although Mister will still not be called the dog’s dad, he does allow the dog to call him Mister and he tells the story himself (albeit wrong because he does sound like he liked the dog from the start in his version). Balance restored. Mister’s name established.

* Photo Taken 4 Days before “the” event. He looks harmless enough but is he plotting?


  1. Well Gerald is “Daddy” to our Bama girl, whether he likes it or not. She is CRAZY about her daddy, even though he often ignores her.
    kdcol recently posted…All My BarbiesMy Profile

  2. Well all-beee! I have a smiling dog too! Although the first time he smiled, we thought he was baring his teeth…to my Mister of all people, and then he got scared, and opened the door, and let the dog run around the neighbourhood chasing after him, not knowing what the dog’s name was because we’d adopted him while he’d been at work…so yeah, my dog, not a welcome guest by my Mister at first either…but where was I going with this? Oh yeah! Smiling dog too! Your Scoobie is sooo cute.
    Sandra recently posted…These Girls Know Nothing about Mental IllnessMy Profile

    • We took Scooby to the groomers (and by we I mean I) and apologized for him baring his teeth. She laughed and said he was smiling. I almost cried I was so happy. I went from having a vicious fluff ball to a happy fluff ball that instant. So much more my style. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Ignoring a dog is definitely the way to its heart. I love my dog, but if I spent as much time with him as he wanted (practically 24/7) I’d be a prisoner. The kids are resentful that he follows me around all the time and waits outside the bathroom door for me. So they constantly try to pet him when he doesn’t want it, pick him up (which he hates), speak to him in baby voices, and eventual become desperate and yell “Why won’t you love me?!” at him. These are teenagers mind you. I keep advising them to ignore him and let him come to them. I also told my daughter that if she ever acts that needy around a boy and begs him to love her he’ll run away as fast as he can.

    So, what did sweet Scooby do during your time at the cottage that made Mister want to get rid of him? Was it the normal not so cute puppy behavior like chewing everything in sight, relieving himself all over the house, and insisting on sleeping with you in your bed? Poor Mister. Puppies are a lot of work. I’m glad he relented in the end! Who could turn down that smiling, sweet dog, even if he is a little vindictive?

  4. Yay! A happy ending for Scooby. I was getting a bit worried there.

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