Murphy’s Law – aka The Four Hour Window

I am not the only person who has blocked off a four hour window to wait for the illusive truck to arrive. The cable truck, the delivery truck, the plumbing truck, the service truck. You name it, we have sat for four hours more times than we can count. Today’s fun fact. If you have four hours blocked off and are planning to patiently wait for those four hours one of two things will happen.

1) you will have to pick up a kid at school in that time and miss them despite the note saying you will return in 5 minutes and then have to reschedule another 4 hours, or

2) you will wait for four hours to receive the call at the 4 hour 10 minute mark that they will have to reschedule.

Today Murphy worked in my favour. I had the four hour window booked off for the pick up of a fridge. I had a ten minute window to get my daughter to school. I wrote the note to ask the neighbour to let them in. They came in that 10 minutes but this time they asked the neighbour and they got the fridge before I returned. Bonus! I have 4 hours back and I am not rescheduling. I could cry!!


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