My Editor Called Me Frenetic and I Tried Adulting

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I tried to be an adult about being called frenetic. I even succeeded for 24 hours. Then I began to panic.

It all started with Donald Trump. I wrote an article on BluntMoms and the following comments appeared.

Incredibly misinformed, ignorant, poorly written article. Embarrassing for the author.

Then this:

I, too, am horrified by Donald Trump but this article was difficult to read (as in not well written.)

Frenetic is defined by Websters as: filled with excitement, activity, or confusion: wild or frantic




Wild–maybe. OK, check.


I am not sure how to take this. Squirrel. Apparently my adulting comes in 24-hour spurts and I am not good at it beyond that because I was totally convinced that I could be an adult about this. I really was. The following was the exchange with my editor where I was totally adulting. This was before I decided I was not adult enough to adult. I know there are typos… don’t judge the frenetic, we are wild, frantic and confused and there is no telling what we are capable of.


Thoughts? Should I keep the frenetic, start over or cry? Really, it is up to you because I, clearly, can’t be trusted.


  1. I honestly find no issues with the post. If you post about anything political at all, you will get hate responses. Fug Em. How wonderful to have THAT editor. You are fervent. I want to read articles from fervent people. I put off blogging for years and years cause freaking anonymous people can be mean as shit, and I will curl up in the corner and die for a week or so with every hurtful comment. Intellectually, I know better, but still.. Chin up, Buckaroo. Love your writing ~Linda
    halfa1000miles recently posted…Like Oprah Loves BreadMy Profile

    • Politics is a hot bed for sure and Trump has a king-size ego to match. I did expect a political challenge here and there. It was the personal attacks that made me sad. Maybe it is Canadian, maybe it is human, but I think anyone willing to put themselves out there (and, as you know, writing is just that), should not have to subject themselves to personal attacks. Hey, dislike my opinion and rebuke it, that is definitely acceptable. But say my ass is fat or my writing is crap and I get pouty and spew profanity at my unsuspecting friends and family. I try and keep it civil here.
      Kristine @ Mum Revised recently posted…My Editor Called Me Frenetic and I Tried AdultingMy Profile

  2. For whatever reason, the article would never load on my computer but the comments did. Wow! I admit that I too would have hurt feelings based on the comments. Ouchie! But at least you have your editor on your side! That’s a huge help. One time I was looking at the Amazon reviews of Jenny Lawson’s book, “Furiously Happy” and I clicked on the one-star comments. OH. MY. GOD. How does anyone write a book knowing that they are going to be crucified online? Horrible. Just horrible. But I think you’re awesome if that counts for anything. 🙂
    Gina recently posted…“Meh” (Alternate title: “Mah puddin’ brain”)My Profile

  3. Most of the time when I see the criticism “not well written” the person saying it really seems to mean, “I don’t like what you said but I can’t rebut your facts”. And anything about politics is going to get peoples’ dander up. Write about mayor Rob Ford and you’re going to get at least a dozen comments asking, “What’s wrong with smoking crack?”
    I happen to always enjoy your style which I think is very distinctive and often matches your subjects. Also I’d like to add that if you find an editor whose default is funny you hold onto that editor and never let go.
    Christopher recently posted…All Together Now.My Profile

    • My editor is amazeballs and I plan to hang on to her so long as she doesn’t call the cops on me. I’m glad you enjoy my style (I like yours too). I’m considering embracing frenetic and tattooing it on my forearm, Popeye style. If you can’t beat them…

  4. Hey Kris, didn’t sound fenetic to me at all! But then again, I am not be a great judge since I’m fractionally like you and it seemed well paced to me. (^8
    Love your editor!
    Keep writing your magic, I love it!

  5. Wow. What bunch of asshole commenters! I’ve heard that some bloggers self-impose a rule of not reading the comments unless they’re on their own website (i.e., don’t read comments when your write for larger publications). I doubt I’d be able to follow that rule myself, though, ’cause what if there were some lovely accolades tucked in there amongst all the trolls? I get that Blunt Mom should be a much safer place than HuffPo, but you are still opening yourself up to readers who aren’t familiar with you and your style (and who love you because of it). Kudos to you for broadening your horizons and opening yourself up to this kind of assholery!

    I agree with Linda and Christopher: if you write something political and people disagree with your stance, they will often attack your writing instead of simply disagreeing with you or just not commenting at all. And Trump is super popular now. I was sure it was just a fluke at first, but it’s looking like he has a good chance of winning the Republican primary. So, lots of Americans love him, though I don’t know a single one of his supporters personally.

    I don’t know if I’d call your writing “frenetic”…you *are* wild, active, exciting and silly; that’s why we love you. I guess you’ll need to decide if you are willing to “adult” more often if you want to continue writing about divisive topics. It’s not for the faint of heart.

    P.S. Can we Americans really come up to Canada if Trump becomes president? Even if we aren’t orange, but are a bit overweight? 😉 You Canadians are so nice!

    • I like to read all comments–to a point. I feel like they make me better somehow (or, stroke my ego). I only reply to the ones that have fair comments, constructive criticism, or they make me laugh. Those are my favourite!
      You are really all welcome here in Canada. Our Prime Minister (President) is yummy and he likes people of all shapes, sexes and colours. We spell things weird and understand metric, but so does most everyone except the US. Bonus, we know the rules to Gridiron Football.
      To be clear… I am not planning to adult here. That WOULD be frenetic! I was hoping for guidance in getting on some of the bigger syndicated sites. Just to say I did it. My editor is one of the most respected out there and if she defaults to funny, we are perfect for each other.
      Kristine @ Mum Revised recently posted…My Editor Called Me Frenetic and I Tried AdultingMy Profile

  6. I personally love your style. Trump has asked for everything he gets for reviews. ignorance is out there in abundance and some of it comes in the form of opposing posts. Notice that the posters didn’t write an article, but only managed a few paltry words. Be brave and carry on.

  7. I think you have a distinctive voice and a style that is fun to read. I agree with your first commenter that the criticism you received may well have less to do with your writing and rather more to do with the political theme. Incidentally, are you sure you were being criticized by different people and not just by a single person under different names? If a website doesn’t require an email address when writing a comment, presumably people can just make up any name they like.
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    • They can make up any name but they do have to have an email address. I can see them on ‘the back end’ and stalk them if I like. I don’t like.
      I consider it a huge compliment that you find my writing fun to read because you are very talented. So, thank you.

  8. Things to bear in mind:
    – Freneticism is entirely underrated.
    – Adulting is vastly overrated.
    – The world is full of idiots.
    – Many of those idiots are Trump supporters.
    – It’s easier to critique than to write.
    – Once you take over Canada, you can force those commenters to go live with Trump.

  9. Also, this is why there should be a Pubic Lice & Anal Wart Fairy.
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