NaNoWriMo is Totally a Word

NaNoWriMo is Totally a Word

I don’t know why I committed to this publicly and why I am telling you all this to hold me accountable, but I am participating in NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. My goal for the month of November is to scribe 50,000 words of a novel! That really deserved all caps but I don’t like to scream unless it is at a ball game or in my head.

I had a great start so far with over 6200 words done in the first three days. But you see, here is the rub. I am what is called a Pantser. No, rub and pantser are not related concepts. A pantser is a writer who, essentially flies by the seat of her pants when writing. No planning. No plot line development. I begin to write and see what the character decides to do in certain situations. It is as much a surprise to me when I am typing as it is to anyone.

I have done a bit of work since I began on thinking of the characters and writing down some character development worksheets I found online. They essentially allow me to keep track of information I have divulged in my ramblings about the people in my book. Colour of eyes, secrets they possess etc. This keeps me on track with facts because, squirrel.

The other thing they recommended was to create a cover for my book. Here is my attempt and the working title. But, again, that could change because of the Pantser thing. The story so far is about a girl named Lacey. She is the youngest girl in a family who are very different from herself, or so she feels. Her big sister Genny, uncerimoniously left the house one day never to return. I think it is more of a novel about the search for Lacey, but that is to be seen. I will surprise myself no doubt.

I may be a bit knackered from writing during the day with a goal of 1700 words a day so I may ignore my website on occasion. Please forgive me because I am not wearing any pants.

Wish me luck.





  1. I feel like such a doofus. I had no idea that I’m a pantser. I have never heard the term, until now. Thank you for giving a name to my condition, Kristine! I feel even more connected to you than ever, pantsless sister! I’m anxious to read your results! 🙂
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  2. You’re forgiven, especially if your book is as good as your blogs. Besides, I’m not wearing any pants either and I don’t have your good excuse. (TMI?).

  3. What a disciplined fancy pants you are. I’ll miss you, but good luck!

  4. I am doing NaNo too and I am totally a pantser as well. (autocorrect wants me to be a panther by the way, rawr) Good luck, Kristine! I have a group of writers in a support group on fb if you want to join, just find me on there. I am sure your novel will kick ass.
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  5. Good luck, and technically aren’t all writers pantsers? Some of us may go back and revise (sometimes), but we all just follow the characters and the stories wherever they go.
    And hopefully the story will surprise you because if the story surprises the writer it usually surprises the reader too.
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    • I guess technically we are all pantsers but there are lots of writers out there who do an outline before they start and write from that. That required forethought which is not my strength as evidenced by the amount I overshare here. The story has already surprised me and even made me laugh. I will take that as a good sign!

  6. I’m pretty sure Stephen King is a panster as well. He mentioned something about it in his memoir “On Writing.” Once he has an idea for a story, he just starts writing it. So yeah… whatever process works for you and keeps you writing, I say go for it.

  7. That is so freaking awesome! Good for you! Maybe we can finally meet when you travel down South on your book tour. I’ll buy you drinks when you’re in my fair city. Can’t wait!
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  8. Hey, best of luck you panster you! It sounds like a great challenge. 🙂

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