An Ode to a Sewer Fly

sewer fly mum revised

You graced us with your presence
You dotted our walls and floors
You made yourself at home
Now we are showing you the doors

One of the family you are not
Our plumber will save the day
Back in the sewer you shall rot
On this coming Tuesday

You see, they will first destroy our floors
Then walls and ceilings too
They will dig up where you come from
And remove all your precious goo

You won’t be here for long, my friends
You have worn out your welcome too
No guest book to sign. No left-over clothes
Find another family to woo

Out you damn annoyance!
Out you filthy fly!
You are not welcome anymore
‘Cuz we have hired ‘a guy’!


If you don’t know what I am talking about, read about it here.


  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve taken years off my life by covering every surface of my kitchen in Raid while trying to murder these things. I will spray every single surface and watch their dead bodies rain down like dolla bills at tha club.

    • We spent $120 and got a good bug guy in who guaranteed his work. They disappeared for a good two months but tomorrow they unearth my floor and, no doubt, an onslaught of ‘water flies’. I hear they are really bad in apartments. I know a property manager and they use ‘a guy’ to get rid of them once/year. I will keep you posted no doubt 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  2. […] America that week and I felt wrecked. A glass would fall out of the cupboard every single day, the basement had tiny little annoying flies everywhere, and the last straw was when the locked dishwasher opened behind me and I almost broke my leg […]

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