Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

To start, no one got hurt in the making of this week’s adventures. I did not spend three hours on my knees with a flint. The fire was roaring, the stage was set, and I still blew it.

Because we went glass blowing. (Bwahaha. I still have it folks even at this ripe old age.)

Mister and I went on a date at Playing With Fire in Toronto. They hold glass workshops and we chose to make a paperweight each and a glass. As noobs, we were not able to actually do the work in the fire (maybe she just saw some of my videos and took that off the table), but we got to wear the welding glasses and that was the fun part anyway.

My projects are the ones on the left and I am totally in love with them. I use the glass to hold reading glasses. It makes me laugh at the irony even when I cry at my failing eyes.

The paperweight is, weight for it… weighing down papers. I know. No irony there but a little play on words to make it fun. I will say my weight is doing a damn fine job. Bring on a gust of wind and I think we’ll see the magic happen.



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  1. That looked like fun! As long as they keep you away from the actual fire. I would have liked to see how they (you?) hollowed out the glass. So. No actual blowing?

    • You blow through this tube and it creates an air bubble inside. The rounded bit at the end when she was rolling it becomes the base of the glass then she attaches another rod to it when it is flat and ready (actually, she puts a dimple in the bottom to attach to the rod). Where she was creating a crease, it becomes smaller and she adds water to get it to break off and, voila! the air bubble it right there at the break. My videographer (Mister) wasn’t capturing everything. In his defence, it was distracting and mesmerizing watching her work and we both forgot at times.

  2. A friend of mine is a professional glass blower. He says he was hooked from the first time he saw another glass blower at work. I can see why. That really looks like a lot of fun.
    And I gather Mister is camera-shy. That’s okay. His glass works were impressive, even if not quite as nice as yours.
    In fact the only thing more impressive than your paperweight is your taste in music.
    Christopher recently posted…How Do We Get There?My Profile

    • Mister appears in the next video. We had some camera issues and all the footage of us doing the paperweight and his work were most of the casualties. Or, I didn’t want to show him up. You decide.
      Who doesn’t love Blondie?!

  3. Love this! This summer, my son and I toured MIT. They have a glass blowing area in the basement of one of the buildings. Amazed me–and I love–that some of the brightest students in the world are also learning some craftmanship.

    • We watched a glassblower on the Cabot Trail for hours craft a custom piece for one of the other people watching. It was mesmerizing! I forgot to film my husband half the time because I was watching Jade do her work with such grace that I got lost in the moment.

  4. Pretty cool, or in this case, hot! I’m surprised they don’t have a reality show about glass blowing. Something along the lines of Forged in Fire, which I have recently become kind of (totally) addicted to.

    • My son is addicted to that show too. It is strangely compelling. My only beef (which will be funny in a minute) is when they do the ‘kill’ challenge and it seems a waste.

      • Ha! I actually said to my wife when we were watching, “I hope they put all that sliced up meat to good use when they are done with it.” If they don’t, it would definitely be a waste.

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