You Must Take Poo-Pourri to a Blogging Conference

I went to BlogU and learned alot. Mostly I learned that sharing a bathroom can be better with Poo-Pourri.

I recently attended BlogU in Baltimore. It was amazing meeting some of my favourite bloggers live. I also believe I was the only Canadian which made me a token Canadian. I’ve never been a token Canadian. I’ve been the token girl, token mother, and even the token old person. This was new for me. It means nothing. Just that it was interesting.

I read a lot before attending a conference. Advice on what to bring, what to wear and what to expect are all on my mind. The most important piece of advice was never presented but I thought of it anyway.

  • Some might suggest that business cards are essential. Good to have. Essential? Wrong.
  • Some even suggested a big shoulder bag large enough to hold a laptop, pens, and paper. Also wrong.
  • Comfy clothing and snacks? Sure essential, but I don’t travel without those, so not essential to tell me.

All of those items will help you survive a blogging conference. But the one thing you desperately need to bring is Poo-Pourri. That’s right. You share bathrooms at conferences and the food is different than at home. There is no end of organic smells from the ends. Bring your Poo-Pourri and teach your friends to use it. It will save your relationships. Trust me.

My roommates (and the random visitors to our suite) all had the same poop schedule one night. Right before we all had to get our Tacky Wedding dresses and makeup on in the communal bathroom. Convenient. With Poo-Pourri, not a problem. Evening solved. Bring it on family holidays and put one in every bathroom in your home. You don’t have that poo smell and it also doesn’t feel like your toothbrush and eyeballs are coated in a cloud of Lysol. It is small enough to take in your carry-on too.

This was not a sponsored post. I truly believe this shit is magical. Magical shit. New name in case the Poo-Pourri marketing team is interested.

Back to the conference…

OK. I also learned some pretty valuable lessons. Many of them were for Facebook and my creative process. I have implemented approximately 2% of what I have learned. You can also tell, my creative process is kind-of in the crapper having been absent for more than a week from this site. It is obvs the creative strategies are yet to come. I have fully implemented the word obvs because the majority of people there were millennials who knew the words to–wait for it–90’s and 2000’s songs. I was gob-smacked and waiting for some Prince or Elton!

I did order my aqua-notes from Amazon for my shower ideas. That was the one creative piece I implemented. Now, I’m just waiting to want a shower.

The change I did do, was my new Facebook banner. It didn’t make a difference to my reach or followers, but it sure looks jazzy. Go check it out here. While you are there press the like button and scroll through and tell me what are your favourite of my shares. Today I rewatched the banana gummy popsicle video approximately 47 times to cheer me up, so that is my current fav.

The reason I need cheering up…

I also wanted to update you on a dear friend who died today of cancer. I wrote about her here. Fantasia did not survive her battle and the world is a darker place. My heart goes out to her three boys and her loving husband. They were with her when she died. I’m sure, as painful as it was for them to be there, it was all she could have asked for. My heart is sick. Send emojis.


To get your own Poo-Pourri, click here.  To get your Aqua Notes go here.


  1. I’m so sorry for your loss! I’ve had 3 in-laws pass within the last 4 months.

    I’ve seen the commercials for Poo-Pouri (extremely tasteless but very funny) – but I never know which one to order! None of the names are descriptive and really don’t want to take the chance of getting something that smells worse than what’s already there!
    Glad you enjoyed yourself at the conference, and did not do any bodily harm. I guess you save that stuff for when you are home!

  2. I’m so sorry for the loss of Fantasia for many reasons, but primarily because she was your friend. And she was a fantastic wife and mother. I say that without knowing her but I know it’s true.
    And I think it’s fitting you paid tribute to her and Poo-Pourri in the same post because we have to laugh through the pain.
    Yeah, a round of Poo-Pourri for everyone ’cause cancer stinks!
    Christopher recently posted…The Internet Is People.My Profile

  3. Oh Kristine, I’m so sorry about the loss of your friend. Not too long ago, I remembered that particular post and thought to myself, I need to ask you about your friend and get an update. You have my sincere sympathy. I know the saying, “Friends are family that you choose” is a totally cheesy line, but it’s true.

    On a happier note, the jiggling penis/banana pops made me laugh. Thanks for sharing.


  4. What is this about the tacky wedding dress???

    I’m sorry to hear about your friend. That’s a hard loss. xo
    Jay recently posted…GhostbustersMy Profile

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