This is Not a Real Post and I Am NOT Dying…

Apparently my post entitled “This May Be My Last Post” had a few people concerned about me. I am NOT dying or even sick (unless you count the number of times I say the f word in my head a day as turrets*).  My previous post concluded:

If you need to contact my doctor at all he is Dr. Google. After we had people over for dinner last night I inputted headache, fatigue, irritability and dehydration as my symptoms and it is confirmed. I am dying of renal disease.

The last paragraph was intended to have you think through my symptoms and all the evidence presented and laugh that I, in fact, had a hangover. Please do not send flowers but chocolate is always welcome.

Now that I am alive and well, please read my real post from today 🙂


* Before you all worry, I also do NOT have turrets.

** Appreciate that people are a) reading and b) caring. Love Kristine


  1. Even your “not posts” are hilarious 🙂 I was thinking Guest Overdose…

    Sarah Allen
    (writing blog)

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