Search Term Fun – Ass Pics Galore!

Search Term Fun - Ass Pics Galore!

butt flowerSeems my post about Kick Ass Pics has brought on a new level of clientele. Here are my favourite search terms last week. Spelling optional.

  • mums with fruit up there ass pictres
  • asspics
  • up asspics

Do you think any of the 12-year-old boys who clicked through to my Kick Ass Pics were disappointed to see that I had grown a flower in a flower pot, not in my ass? I digress.

Next week I think I should write the following blog posts. Vote on your favourite. I am very excited to see what my new fans find fascinating in this group of thoughts. (She laughs maniacally at the search term possibilities before she presses publish).

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  1. I’m still trying to figure out Google Analytics (heh heh, I said “anal”) because I’m missing out on all the search term fun damnit!

  2. Poop stories are usually hysterical – post away!

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